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Dr. Ronald S. Strange

Professor of Chemistry
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Madison, NJ 07940-1099

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Science Building S-26
[second floor, NE]

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Post-Normal Science

Strange of Balcaskie

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[Last updated: May 17, 2016]

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For information on my courses for the spring semester, 2016:

The complete schedule of spring, 2016, courses for FDU's Florham Campus (at Madison) is now available at webAdvisor and at Coursefinder.

To the Madison Campus ...

from N, S, E, or W, click here. NJ Transit provides MidTOWN Direct rail service between Madison Station and Penn Station, NY. Times here are current as of Dec. 17, 2015. MTA Subways from Penn Station can get you uptown to the theatre district very easily. Information about the entire NYC Transit system, including maps, stations, schedules, and fares, is here.

For data about the elements...

visit the WebElements (see button below) site. This is Mark Winter's (Univ. of Sheffield) award-winning on-line Periodic Table of the Elements and is particularly useful because it is one of the few sources of the CORRECT version of the modern Periodic Table. For links to other useful chemistry sites, click here!

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Greens ...

might be interested in the vast amount of legitimate science surrounding the "global warming" or "cooling" or "climate change" or (the latest): "disruption" doomsday debate. The science comes out uniformly against any likely human influence and especially against any adverse effect of carbon dioxide. Here are a few links that point to major assemblies of data and scientific papers regarding AGW. First are over 1350 (and growing) peer-reviewed papers at and the massive NIPCC report. If you want to do your own research almost all raw climatic data is here. Steven McIntyre's award-winning blog, ClimateAudit, since before ClimateGates I, II, and III, has become the principal center for detailed analysis of AGW claims. Finally, the famous "WattsUpWithThat" of Anthony Watts, which is at the center of the debate and a major source of information.

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