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We Remember You!

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The English Department in 1968

Andonis G. Manganaris-Decavelles, Martin Green, Geoffrey Weinman, William Zander, Harry Keyishian, E. Wallace McMullen, Walter Cummins, Irving H Buchen, Margaret Verhulst, K. Torbert, Walter Savage

The Department of English, Communication & Philosophy in December 2002

Front from left: Liz Behrens, Susan Gerson, Marilyn Rye, Sylvia Skaggs-McTague, Hester Coan, Nandita Ghosh, Rene Steinke, Martin Green, Tina Genest. Back from right: Michael Goodman, Elise Salem, Dee Anderson, Martin Donoff, Susan Gentry, William Zander, Walter Cummins, Geoffrey Weinman, Bill Gillard, Kathryn Douglas, Jennifer Lehr, Odysseus Makridis, Theresa Montalbano, Harry Keyishian, Gary Radford, Jim Kuehl.

We want to reconnect with you and welcome you back to Fairleigh Dickinson University, Becton College, Department of English, Communication and Philosophy! We'd like to invite you to revisit your major and your friends from the department.

Check out links to services that FDU continues to offer you long after graduation including: Alumni Services, Career Connections, and Library Link.

Help us guide our current and future students to get the most from their major. We hope to gain insight from you on issues of:

- education
- entering the workplace
- career experience


In the coming months we'd like to send our students out to meet you at your jobsite. The students will interview you about your experiences beyond graduation and then post your photo and your best advice on the website to share with current, potential and former students and visitors to the site. Participate in this project. Email Dr. Hester Coan, internship director, and let her know that you are ready to reconnect, ready to encourage today's students and help them to make important career choices of their own.


1. Congratulations to Grant Kielczewski – class of ‘01 – he’s now working as Editorial Assistant in the Customer Service Communications department of Dassault Falcon Jet, a manufacturer of corporate aircraft.

2. Congratulations to Amy Vida – class of ‘03 – she recently accepted a position as Marketing Assistant at Enslow Publishing.

3. Congratulations to Brian McAllister – class of ‘02 -- Brian has just accepted a position at Dow Jones where he will be working in the Retention Marketing Department writing copy for and developing subscription renewal collateral for the Wall Street Journal and Barron's Weekly, both of which Dow Jones publishes. Brian was the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Communication Studies Award for the Spring of ‘02

4. Vanessa Shields – class of ‘03 – began her graduate work in Peace and Conflict Studies at Bradford University in England on September 15th. Vanessa, also the winner of the department’s Outstanding Achievement in Communication Studies Award last Spring, plans to focus on international relations. We’re very proud and wish Vanessa all the best.

5. Keri Speros -- class of '03 -- is working as an Assistant Campaign Manager at the Advertising Council in Washington, DC.

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