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The Bachelor of Arts in
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Communication and departmental faculty are involved in a number of associations and other academic (and not so academic) endeavors. Links to some of those sites are included here.
The New Jersey Communication Association
Jennifer Lehr, Past-President, 2002 Annual Conference Planner
Gary Radford, Member of the Executive Board
The New Jersey Journal of Communication
Gary Radford, Editor
Jennifer Lehr, Member of the Editorial Board
Hester Coan, Member of the Editorial Board
The New York State Communication Association
Gary Radford, Past-President, 2001 Annual Conference Planner
The Eastern Communication Association
Gary Radford, Theory and Methodology Interest Group, 2004 Annual Conference Planner
The Corporate Communication Institute
Michael Goodman, Director
Gary Radford, Member of the Advisory Board
Jennifer Lehr, Member of the Advisory Board
The Literary Review
Rene Steinke, Senior Editor
Walter Cummins, Senior Editor
The Professors
Gary Radford, Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Jennifer Lehr, Vocalist

Listed below are links to other communication associations that foster scholarship, research, and pedagogical practice in the communication discipline.

International Communication Association

National Communication Association

American Communication Association

Southern States Communication Association

American Journalism Review

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