Department of English, Communication, and Philosophy
Fairleigh Dickinson University
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The Bachelor of Arts in
Communication Studies

Requirements for the BA Degree

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Students majoring in Communication Studies must complete 18 credits of required courses and 15 credits of communication electives. In addition, students must choose 18 credits of cognate courses in selctions from sociology, psychology, marketing, visual and performing arts, and literature.

Required Courses (18 Credits)

COMM 2001
Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 3018
Mass Communication
COMM 3019
Global Communication
COMM 3022
Communication Research
ENGL 4002
Literary and Communication Theory
COMM 4001
Communication Internship
COMM 4498
Cooperative Education

Communication Electives (15 Credits)

Students select five COMM-prefixed 3-credit courses (see Course Descriptions).

Cognate Courses (18 Credits)

A. Required Cognate (3 Credits)

ENGW 3001
Advanced Writing Workshop

B. Communication Cognate Electives (9 Credits)

Three 3-credit courses in sociology, psychology, marketing, management, and visual and performing arts.

C. Literary Cognate Electives (6 Credits)

Two 3-credit courses chosen from the ENGL 2000 - ENGL 4000 series.

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