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School of Computer Sciences and Engineering

This site is maintained by the School of Computer Sciences and Engineering located at FDU’s Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck, NJ a few minutes outside of New York City.

For any issues regarding this web site, please contact School's Laboratory Director, Mr. Dritan Bitincka at:


Degrees in Computer Sciences and Engineering

Information regarding Programs and Degrees within the School of Computer Sciences and Engineering may be obtained on the World Wide Web by Clicking Here.

Information on Degree Programs at FDU can also be obtained by contacting Admissions at 1-800-338-8803 or by sending an e-mail to

Notice: Degree requirements are subject to change without notice. Every attempt is made to keep the web site up to date. However, it is the students' responsibility to check with the School of Computer Sciences and their advisor to ensure that all requirements for degree completion are met and that their course load reflects their respective degree.

Programming Standards

All students enrolled in courses using C++ at the School are required to be familiar with the School's programming standards. The School uses these standards to evaluate student programming assignments, projects and examinations.  Failure to comply with the standards may result in grade penalties.

All students are urged to download and familiarize themselves with the programming standards. Click Here to download a PDF file of the programming standards. Please note that these programming standards were last updated in September 2002.



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