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Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance Program

The School of Computer Sciences and Engineering at FDU belongs to the Microsoft Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) program.

Through the MSDNAA, all students enrolled in any School of Computer Sciences and Engineering course at the Metropolitain Campus, are able to install, for their personal use only, Microsoft software used in their courses at the School. (The student MUST be enrolled in courses for credit to completely qualify.)

The most borrowed software application suite is Microsoft Visual Studio Professional. For a complete list of software that is available to students of the School of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Click Here.



How does the program work?

The School uses an electronic software distribution and tracking system from e-Academy called ELMS. Borrowing software is a three step process:

1) All students must request an ID to use our electronic software distribution system. When sending an ID request email to Mr. Bitincka be sure to include your:

  • Student ID Number
  • Your FULL Name
  • If you have broadband access
  • All Computer Science and Engineering courses you are CURRENTLY enrolled in
  • Your expected date of graduation

Make sure that your email message to Mr. Bitincka includes the following words (ONLY) in the SUBJECT of your email:


(Account requests without the proper subject line will be ignored.)

2) Once your student information has been verified, a system ID will be sent to you by email. At this time you will be able to access our software distribution system to checkout software CD's as they become available and, with some products, either purchase them directly from Microsoft or download them immediately.

3) When the software you wish to borrow is available, an email will be dispatched to you indicating that you need to contact Mr. Bitincka, via email, for an appointment to pickup the software from his office (Becton Hall, Room 109).

Mr. Bitincka's office hours are 9AM to 5PM from Monday through Firiday, and his e-mail address is: bitincka@fdu.edu

Make sure that you include the following SUBJECT line in your request for an appointment:


(ELMS Appointment requests without the proper subject line will be ignored.)

Emails requesting software that is not available through the MSDNAA program will not be responded to!

If you are checking out CD's you MUST come to pick them up yourself and have your STUDENT ID with you! Software will not be given to friends or relatives under any circumstances. Checkout CD's will not be shipped via postal mail, and a valid FDU Student ID is required in addition to having an ELMS account. Installation disks are required to be returned on or before the due date listed in the email that ELMS has sent you.

All borrowed software is due back within time interval specified in the confirmation email. The student will typically have 2 days to pick up his/her requested software before their request is automatically voided by the ELMS system. Once a request is voided the student must re-request the software they seek.

Failure to return disks by the due date will result in an administrative hold being placed on the student's FDU account. Failure to return the disks at all, will result in a monetary hold being placed upon a student's account until the media is paid for. It is the STUDENT responsibility to return the media within the timeframe allotted; Other students are waiting to borrow the software and in the interest of fairness the time limit will not be extended.

Software is provided on an AS IS basis. The University makes no warranty or assurances that the software borrowed by the students will work in the manner the student expects. Software is installed AT THE STUDENT'S own risk! If a student is uncomfortable installing software on his/her personal computer, then they should not borrow the software. This is ESPECIALLY true when installing operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003.

All information on license keys and distributed software will be reported to Microsoft biannually, and the University's licensing office quarterly.


  • Click Here for a complete list of all software available from the MSDNAA
  • Click Here to connect to the FDU Software Distribution System



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