Workshops Description

Presence in your Online Course: One of the most important features of all successful online teaching is that your students feel that a professor is "there" for them. In this session, you will learn the Webcampus features that will help you make your presence more tangible online such as the discussion board, virtual classroom, and online office hours.

Simplify Your Online Life: Learn innovative ways that will save you time and make teaching online more manageable In this collaborative session, we encourage you to share your time saving ideas with the group as well as learn some of our suggested techniques.

Create an Ideal Online Learning Environment for Students: Successful Assessment Techniques: The ideal online learning environment is one that is centered on tasks, projects, and assignments that apply concepts and knowledge. This workshop will focus on techniques to assess problem-solving and critical thinking skills and are aligned with the goals and objectives of the course. Special Note - This workshop will not be covering the Webcampus (Blackboard) Assessment tool.

Assignment Manager: Explore the Assignment Manager within Webcampus for posting assignments and retrieving student submissions. A special discussion on the Test Manager will also be included.

Integrating Images and Sound into Your Online Course: Learn the techniques involved in adding images and sound in your online course.

Incorporating Powerpoint, Excel and Word into your Online Course: Learn how to upload and link to other files within your Webcampus course.