New Co-op Opportunities
at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Students in the BS Electrical Engineering program and all four technology programs now have the option to undertake two six-month co-operative educational experiences with pay and earn a total of six academic credits toward their degrees. The co-op experience provides students a real-world grounding, linking theory and practice, academic and industrial experiences, and college education and lifelong learning. It better prepares students for jobs, gives them a competitive edge in the job market, helps them develop networking skills and professional contacts, and allows them to experience two career fields before graduation. Industry benefits from better-prepared students with real and relevant work experience - saving time and money by reducing the training period for new employees.

To accommodate the two co-operative education periods, the order of courses and number of credits have been revised, affecting students both opting or not opting for the co-op. Some courses are now taken earlier in the program. Laboratories have been better integrated with course work. Courses in emerging technical areas have been added.

New check sheets are available.

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