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Engineering vs Engineering Technology

Is Engineering or Engineering Technology for you? 

The Engineer and the Technologist

The engineer and the technologist use science, mathematics, and technical problem-solving skills to design, construct, maintain and distribute goods, services and information. Specifically, engineers and engineering technologists engage in  Today's modern society depends on individuals with the ability to design, produce, manage, operate and maintain a vast array of increasingly complex technology. Whether the field is communications or computers, transport or office equipment, skyscrapers or water supplies, space vehicles or appliances, automated factories or new life-saving medical equipment, engineers and technologists influence the way we live. And the challenges and opportunities will continue to grow. Engineering and engineering technology careers have enormous potential for satisfaction and success. Degree programs in engineering and engineering technology also serve as excellent preparation for other career fields - such as retailing, real estate, law, medicine and politics. 


Engineering has been defined as the art of applying the principles of mathematics and science, experience, judgement and common sense to make things which benefit people. In other words, engineering is the process of supplying a technical product to meet a specific need. 

Engineers have many different kinds of jobs to choose from -- research, design, analysis, development, testing and sales. If you are interested in discovering new knowledge, consider a career as a research engineer. If you are imaginative and creative, design engineering may be for you. If you like laboratory work, test engineering might be the answer. If you like to manage projects, look into becoming a development engineer. Sales engineering could be a good choice if you are persuasive and like working with people. 

Engineering Technology

Engineering technology programs are characterized by their focus on application and practice, and by their approximately 50/50 mix of theory and laboratory experience. Technologists are employed across the technological spectrum, but are better suited to areas that deal with hardware application, implementation, and production, as opposed to the conceptual design and research functions. Engineering technology is the profession in which a knowledge gained through higher education, experience and practice is devoted primarily to the implementation and extension of existing technology in such areas as product improvement, manufacturing, and engineering operations. 
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