Fairleigh Dickinson University
School of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Faculty and Staff


Anthony J. Adrignolo, P.E., M.S., New York University ... Operations Research, Construction, 

Paul S. Bunea, P.E., Ph.D., Polytechnic Institution of the University of Brazil ... Construction Management and Practices, Civil Engineering Technology, Construction Engineering Technology, Estimation. 

Stephen Dobrow, Ph.D., New York University ... Transportation Systems, Digital Electronics, Computer Systems, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Microprocessors, Analog Electronics, Computer Engineering, Power/Control Systems/Instrumentation. 

Bernard Lefkowitz, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles ... Power Control Systems, Mechanical Engineering Technology. 

Melvin Lewis, M.S., Columbia University ... Fields and Waves, Gravitional wave research, Programming languages, Robotics, SETI. 

Ashlee Pieris-Gunatilaka, P.E., M.S., Columbia University ... Structural Designs, Highways, Bridges, Hydraulics, Seismic Design. 

Gloria B. Reinish, Eng. Sc. D., Columbia University ... Linear Systems, Mechanical Systems, Bio-Engineering, Signals and Systems. 

Lee Rosenthal, Ph.D., Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn ... Analog Electronics. 

Howard Silver, P.E., Ph.D., New York University ... Computer Engineering, Computers and Microprocessors, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Instrumentation, Digital Electronics/Computer Engineering. 

Alfredo C. Tan, Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology ... Adaptive Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Computer Engineering, Communications, Computer Networks, Educational Technologies, Signals and Systems. 


Alfredo Tan - Director, School of Engineering and Engineering Technology  

Stephen Dobrow - Electrical Engineering Coordinator  

Howard Silver - Engineering Technology programs Coordinator  


Carmen Langberg - Administrative Assistant. 

Reji Joseph - Assistant Lab Director. .;


Muscarelle Center - Room 114
Main Telephone - (201) 692-2347
Fax - (201) 692-2130

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