BAIS Degree Completion Program for Israel Foreign Nationals

This 120-credit Undergraduate program is designed for Israeli Foreign Nationals in conjunction with the Israel Mission to NY. The B.A.I.S. degree is a baccalaureate degree program structured to meet the educational needs of adult learners. It provides nontraditional students with a variety of options in meeting University requirements for an undergraduate degree grounded in the liberal arts.

Credit deduction

In addition, the program will be deduction of credits for army service and life experience as followed:

1.Army service –Army release form, credits will be deducted up to 21credits based on rank, profession and duration of service.

2.Life experience – Deduction of up to 21 credits is given, based on curriculum vita (resume). Original certifications or any other proof of occupation must be provided.

3.3 credits are deducted per any 5 unit matriculation (Bagrut) exam; English is matriculation is not acceptable for that matter.

4.Any previous academic credits from certified institutes might be admitted for certification. Original transcript from previous institutes must be provided.

Transfer Students

A transfer student may transfer credit achieved through either formal course work or through proficiency examination to the extent that the credits transferred do not circumvent existing University policy requiring a minimum of 30 credits in residence, including at least 50 percent of the credits required for upper-level course selections to be taken at FDU.

Basic Requirements

1. Original matriculation (Bagrut) form, or English translation form sealed by notary.

2. Original tofel form with minimum score of 550 (paper based test) or 213 (computer based test).

3. Army release form.

4. Original transcript from previous universities or learning institues (optional).

5. curriculum vita(resume) - please provide in english.

Legal system Requirements

1.Photocopy of passport – picture Id

2.Current visa

In accordance with regulations of the United States State Department, international students must obtain an appropriate visa to enter the U.S. for study. For most international students, an I-20 certificate of eligibility form is needed to obtain the F-1 students visa (tourist visa is not appropriate for entry to study) at a U.S. consulate or Embassy abroad. An I-20 form will be issued, under the guidelines established by the United States Department of justice, to international students who have been accepted for full-time study and have paid the required deposits.

An international student who holds an F-1 visa must enroll as a full-time matriculated student taking at least 6 credits (Two courses) in each Israeli program semester (Two month period). This is not including summer semesters.

When to File an Application, Students can apply for international Admission for the fall, spring or summer semester.It is recommended that international Students submit all documents early, to allow extra time for international mail and preparation of visa documents. The Jewish affairs and Israel programs Office is pleased to answer any questions about academic studies.

Admission Requirements

The candidate must complete an application form and submit one official, original copy and one translated notarized copy of his or her academic credentials. All international students must give evidence of financial support for the entire period of time required to complete the degree. The University has limited funds available for financial aid for students from other countries.