Links of Interest for the Political Scientist *


Associations and Organizations:

The American Political Science Association

Pi Sigma Alpha PSA - the National Political Science Honor Society

Conflict and Peace Studies:

Military Data Resource - collection of military links including organizations, weapon builders, and weapon systems.

National Security Website - clearinghouse for reporters, researchers, and concerned Americans to publications, policy experts, and weblinks on a wide spectrum of national security issues.

U.S. Naval Institute Military Database - unclassified intelligence database with detailed coverage of over 150 nations.

Conflict Analysis & Resolution Virtual Bookshelf - designed for practioners and scholars; contains links to useful resources on the web and first-source documents

Current Political Events and Elections:

ElectNet - state-by-state coverage

Vote Smart

CNN's All Politics.Com


Polyconomics, Inc. - "analyzes the impact of political decisions on financial markets and real economies in the U.S., Japan, and 14 emerging markets in Latin America/Asia."

Government Statistics:

Stat USA


Fed World - central access point for locating and acquiring government information

Bureau of Justice Statistics Documents - Full text of select U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics publications

Statistics on Federal Court Cases - at Cornell Law School

National Clearinghouse for Justice Information and Statistics - provides access to impartial information about information technology designed for criminal justice agencies.


WNET's Federalist home page

Papers of James Madison - at the University of Virginia

The Federalist Papers - complete and unabridged

International Relations:

International Relations and Security Network

Hoover Institution - at Stanford University

Resources for International Studies

Judicial Decisions and Law News:

FindLaw - includes a database of all Supreme Court cases since 1937 as well as info on many areas of law.

Legal News

Academic Journal Page - allows the searching of law reviews and law journals

Legislative Action:

Federal Register


Thomas: Library of Congress Legislative Server

Legi-Slate News Service - from the Washington Post

C-SPAN's list of Congressional links


The Democratic National Party

The Republican National Party

Yahoo!'s listing of Political Parties and Groups

Periodicals and Journals:

The Journal of Conflict Studies

Foreign Affairs

Political Science Quarterly

The Economist

Political Theory:

Foundations of Political Theory - at the American Political Science Association

Political Philosophers and Theorists

Another Political Philosophers and Theorists site

Public Policy and Public Administration:

Public Administration Review

Public Policy and Administration Links

Electronic Policy Network - a group of research and advocacy organizations and publications, providing online analysis of economics, politics, social trends, and public policy.


National Political Index

Political Resources on the Net - covering the entire globe

Politics Online 

What Can I Do With a Degree in Political Science? - essay by the chair of the Political Science department at Rutgers on what possibilities await those who persue a bachelor's degree in Political Science.



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