Minor Fields of Study

Our department  makes available a number of specialized fields of study. Students use these concentrations to complement their major course of study, to sharpen their focus, or supplement their resume. So, in addition to the political science major, we offer concentrations in:



International Affairs

Undecided and looking for the perfect major-minor combination? How about ...

Criminology/Public Administration

Economics/International Relations (double major)

Pre-Law/Political Science

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The Pre-Law Minor provides students with the substantive background and specific skills necessary for success in law school. What skills do you need for law school?

1. The ability to write clearly, concisely, expressively.

2. The capacity to impute logic and to analyze data.

3. The ability to grasp, synthesize and construct an argument.

The Pre-Law Concentration has you complete six courses from four categories:

Reasoning Skills

choose two courses from among:

PHIL1104 Practical Logic

PHIL1101 Introduction to Logic

POLS2250 Political Methodology

Writing Skills

ENG Advanced Writing Workshop

Sociological and Anthropological Approaches

choose one course from among:

ANTH3430 Anthropology of Law

SOCI2306 Crime and Criminology

SOCI2307 Deviance and Social Control

SOCI3508 Drugs in American Society

Legal/Political Studies

choose two courses from among:

HIST3358 U.S. Constitutional History

POLS3304 Criminal Justice

POLS3306 American Constitutional Law

POLS3307 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

POLS3308 Law and Society

POLS3305 Federal Judicial Process


For more information on Pre-Law see Dr. Bruce Peabody and visit his Pre-Law pages!


The Criminology, Law and Society Minor is recommended for students interested in applying social scientific perspectives to paralegal careers and careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections.

This Minor requires students to complete six of the following courses:

POLS3304 Criminal Justice

POLS3308 Law and Society

ANTH3430 Anthropology of Law

SOCI2306 Crime and Criminology

SOCI2307 Deviance and Social Control

SOCI3308 Drugs in American Society

SOCI3339 Comparative Deviance

SOCI3311 Industrial Sociology

POLS4800 Independent Study

POLS4801 Internship

International Affairs

If you're planning a career in international business, government service, or international non-profit organizations, then concentrate your studies on international affairs.

Knowledge of foreign languages, foreign markets and foreign governments will distinguish you from your colleagues after graduation. But the skills to be successful in government service and international business begin with the acquisition of intellectual capital.

FDU offers an international dimension to your studies whatever your major. Select from a range of courses which touch many continents and many cultures. Students of any major in the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Business may pursue this Concentration to broaden their knowledge of international politics and economics or to acquire a regional focus and foreign language proficiency. The International Affairs Minor requires courses in four different disciplines:

Political Science (3-12 credits):

PS 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, and 3200-3390.

Economics (3-12 credits):

EC 2020, 2030, 2050, 2080, 3100, 3120, 3710.

History (3-12 credits):

HI 2050 and HI 3310-3390.

. Modern Language:

fulfill the language requirement at the 1004 level in Italian, French, German, Spanish or Japanese


Major in Public Administration with a concentration in Criminology

Public Administration is about understanding and directing government responsibilities. This major emphasizes the management of government at every level--municipal, state and federal--for those who want a career in the permanent machinery of public affairs--including the criminal justice system.

The complicated criminal justice system provides rewarding careers which carry out government's responsibility for law enforcement, adjudication, corrections, and social work. These jobs require professionals to know both the problems of society and how agencies and bureaus can respond to those problems.

There are in fact hundreds of thousands of civil service jobs in the myriad executive departments and agencies of government. In the final tally there is a government office to fit every interest.

Foundation Courses

1201 American Government

1220 Comparative Government

2230 International Relations

2240 Political Theory

2250 Political Methodology.

4801 Internship

Public Administration Courses

2317 Public Administration

 2313 Intergovernmental Relations

3309 Public Policy Analysis

3318 Urban Government

3314 Criminal Justice Administration


take at least four:

POLS3304 Criminal Justice, POLS3308

Law and Society, SOCI2306

Crime and Criminology, SOCI2307

Deviance and Social Control, SOCI3308

Drugs in American Society, SOCI3339

Double Major in International Relations and Economics

Planning a career in international business, national government service, or international non-profit organizations? Get the most from your studies by combining international relations with economics. The skills to be successful in international business or in federal government agencies (such as State, Treasury, or C.I.A.) begin with the acquisition of intellectual capital. The skills to understand the intersection of the political world with the economic world begin with coursework in both politics and economics.

I.R. Foundation Courses

American Government

Comparative Government

International Relations

Political Theory

Political Methodology

Economics Foundation Courses

Introduction to Microeconomics

Introduciton to Macroeconomics

Intermediate Microeconomics

Intermediate Macroeconomics

Economic Thought

Economic History of U.S.


Major Elective Courses:

Take any five International and Comparative Politics Courses such as: Chinese Politics; Russian Politics; Middle Eastern Politics; British Politics; West European Politics; Japanese Politics; American Foreign Policy; Russian Foreign Policy; Political Geography; War, Peace, and Arms; or Low Intensity Warfare.

And take any three courses in Economics, Finance or Accounting!

Additional Information

If you would like additional information, please visit the Social Sciences and History Department office on the third floor of the Mansion- Room M31. In addition, you may either write or call:

Dr. Peter J. Woolley, Chair

Department of Social Sciences and History

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