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Differential Ability Scales-Second Edition (DAS-II)

Ron Dumont - Colin Elliott 

These are unofficial DAS-II  pages.  Although we hope they prove useful for purchasers and users of the DAS-II , the information in them has not been authenticated by the DAS-II author, Dr. Colin Elliott, nor by the PsychCorp.  For the PsychCorp DAS-II  web pages, use this link.        2007 Harcourt Assessment, Inc.

The following pages will be update soon to include information about the DAS-II.  Until then, tidbits of information will be posted to provide information for DAS-II users.

Quick Commentary on DAS-II

Errata sheet for Pattern Construction

Mark Coates DAS-II Profile PDF

Materials below refer to the original DAS.  The pages will be updated in the near future.

  1. Introduction
  2. Standardization
  3. Scores

            Range of Scores        Culture and Linguistic Loading
  4. Reliability

             Internal         Test-Retest            Confidence Interval    
  5. Validity

            Criterion Validity        Construct Validity         Intercorrelations        Factor Analysis
            Measures of g            Specificity    
  6. Subtests

            CORE SUBTESTS

            Word Definitions           Similarities                            Block Building
            Recall of Designs           Pattern Construction         
            Matrices                        Seq. & Quant. Reasoning
          Verbal Comprehension 

            Naming Vocabulary       Picture Similarities               Early Number Concepts


            Recall of Objects            Recall of Digits                    Matching Letter-Like Forms
            Speed of Info. Proc.      Recognition of Pictures


    Basic Number Skills        Spelling                            Word Reading

  7. Interpretation

            Administration Checklists       
            Step-by-step Interpretation

                Step  One        Step  Two         Step  Three        Step  Four
                Step  Five        Step  Six          Step  Seven        Step  Eight
            Interpretive Case Study

                Case Study 1    Case Study 2    Case Study 3    Case Study 4
                Case Study 5    Case Study 6    Case Summary

  8. Annotated Bibliography
  9. Bibliography


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