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LD: Major Papers

In preparation for the upcoming reauthorization of IDEA, the US Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has commissioned leading researchers in the field of Learning Disabilities to write major papers on nine topics:

* Learning Disabilities: Historical Perspectives


* Is Learning Disabilities Just a Fancy Term for Low Achievement? Final 08-10-01.pdf


* Judgments in Identifying and Teaching Children with Language-based Reading Difficulties Final 08-13-01.pdf


* Early Identification and Interventions for Young Children with Reading/Language Disabilities final 8-14-01.pdf


* Empirical and Theoretical Support for Direct Diagnosis for Learning Disabilities by Assessment of Intrinsic Processing Weaknesses Final 08-10-01.pdf


* Classification of Learning Disabilities Final 8-10-01.pdf


* Learning Disabilities as Operationally Defined by Schools Final 08-10-01.pdf


* Discrepancy Models Final 08-10-01.pdf


* Responsiveness to Interventions: An Alternative Approach to the Identification of Learning Disabilities Final 08-10-01.pdf

These papers are available (as PDF files) in their entirety at the links above.
Carlo Cuccaro