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Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Fourth Edition®

These are unofficial WISC IV®  pages.  Although we hope they prove useful for purchasers and users of the WISC IV® , the information in them has not been authenticated by the WISC IV®  author(s) or The Psychological Corporation.  Press this link to go to The Psychological Corporation


Melissa Farrall's WISC-III  v. WISC-IV Comparison

Difference Between Block Design Scaled Score Computed With and Without Bonus Points for Speed

Percentile Ranks for the Number of Digits Recalled Forward and Backward on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 4th ed. (WISC-IV®) Derived from Data Presented in Table B.7, p. 267, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children 4th ed.

Dumont-Willis Index A explanation and a table for computing the Dumont-Willis Index (DWI) for the WISC IV®

Comments on using the DWI and GAI

    Canadian Dumont-Willis-Beal Indexes (CAN-DWBI-1 & CAN-DWBI-2) for the Canadian WISC-IV


Differences Required for Significance When Each WISC–IV® Subtest Scaled Score Is Compared to the Mean Subtest Scaled Score for Any Individual Child

SOME POSSIBLE WAYS OF SORTING OUT WISC-IV®  SCORES A visual representation of the WISC-IV®  interpretative options

Proposed WISC-IV Shared Abilities A set of proposed shared abilities to aid in the interpretation of the WISC-IV®

Worksheet for Proposed Cultural Loadings and Linguistic Demands of the WISC-IV®

Dumont / Willis / Hanks WISC-IV®  Interpretive Worksheet This interpretive worksheet is created to aid in the step-by-step process of interpreting the WISC-IV® .   The entire worksheet can be downloaded (see link at bottom of page).  The steps utilized by the worksheet include the following:

Substitution Comments: Just Say No to WISC IV® Substitutions?

Tellegen and Briggs formula for Subtest Substitutions

 Excel Computer Template  Free, downloadable WISC IV®  Excel© Template to further aid in the interpretation of the test. 

 Gf-Gc configuration

 Random Comments A few pages of random comments, questions, and concerns about the WISC IV®

 Item and Content changes from the WISC III®

 Subtest G Loadings

 Table for differences between VCI, PRI and FSIQ scores required for statistical significance by age and overall standardization sample

 Hypothetical Percent of Population Obtaining Differences between VCI, PRI and FSIQ scores