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Differential Ability Scales (DAS)

Before administering any test in a "real" evaluation situation, examiners should practice administration and scoring. The best way to start becoming familiar with a new test, even one for young children, is to have someone administer the test to you. The next step is to administer it to a doll or teddy bear before practicing on cooperative friends, family, and neighbors. Someone with expert knowledge of the test should observe you or a videotape of your administration. Once genuinely proficient, the examiner would still be wise at first to administer the new test in tandem with a familiar instrument assessing similar abilities until the examiner is sure of the quirks and properties of the new test. Given the newness of the DAS and the differences between the DAS and other traditional cognitive assessment batteries in its scoring, starting and stopping rules, ability score conversions, etc., it is strongly recommended that examiners practice the administration of the test. Samples of  checklists that may aid examiners when first learning to use the DAS are below.  To download a copy see the bottom of the page..

Administration Checklists for the Differential Ability Scales (DAS) Preschool Subtests

Name of examiner:  Date:

Circle One

Verbal Comprehension
1. Starts at appropriate age entry point    Yes  No
2. Repeats items only once if asked                                Yes  No  NA
3. Reads directions verbatim but naturally                             Yes  No
4. Makes sure child is paying attention Yes  No
5. Holds out hand for instructions that include "Give me . . ." Yes  No
6. Lines up toys but does not name them Yes  No  NA
7. Has child demonstrate knowledge of colors and shapes Yes  No  NA
8. Makes correct discontinuation decision Yes  No 
To obtain a copy of the checklists use the link below:
Administration Checklists for the Differential Ability Scales (DAS) Preschool Subtests
Administration Checklists for the Differential Ability Scales (DAS) School-Age Subtests