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Basic Number Skills

Normed for ages 6:0 to 17:11. Percentile ranks are also provided for each half of each grade from the second half of kindergarten through the second half of grade 12.

Basic Number Skills is described on pages 261 to 266 in the DAS Administration and Scoring Manual and discussed on pages 74-76 in the DAS Introductory and Technical Handbook. The DAS Basic Number Skills achievement test requires the child to solve computational problems presented in a workbook of problems. It taps concepts and skills that underlie competence in arithmetical reasoning and calculations. The 48 items are arranged primarily in the order of their difficulty although consideration for placement was also given to the sequence in which certain skills are taught within a curriculum. The items cover recognition of printed numbers, understanding of the four arithmetical operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), and calculations using whole numbers, decimal fractions, common fractions, and percentages.

Basic Number Skills utilizes a Basal and Ceiling format for testing (Basal: 5 or fewer passes within an 8-item set; Ceiling: 3 or fewer passes within the 8-item set).

Although it is useful to be able to compare ability and achievement tests that were normed simultaneously on the same students, and the DAS Manual provides achievement scores predicted from the GCA and Special Nonverbal Composite (pp. 413-414), there are very few math applications problems, so the examiner will then be faced with the problem of finding a math applications achievement test, which will not be normed on the same children as the DAS Basic Number Skills subtest.

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