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Errata sheet for Pattern Construction

It looks like the directions from the old DAS apply here but were omitted. Please note that the directions below were actually included in the standardization of the DAS-II, so the omission in the manual is an oversight and I believe that DAS-II users can, in fact, use the following directions.  Dr. Elliott will hopefully confirm this.

To emphasize:  this is for those who start Pattern Construction at Sample D (the typical 13:0 - 17:11 start point):

Those missing directions stated:

"If starting here, go to the directions in the shaded box. Otherwise, follow the unshaded directions."

The shaded directions (missing from the DAS-II manual) stated:

Place four blocks in front of the child and say:

      Look at these blocks. They have different sides.

Turn the blocks to show the various faces and say:

      Look at the different sides of your blocks.

Make sure the child examines his or her blocks. Open Booklet 1 to Sample D and say:

      We can put them together so that the tops of them make this pattern. Watch me put them together.

Continue with the non-shaded Item D instructions.

Below is a mock-up of what the page should look like: