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Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and PDD
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These are a few web sites we have found interesting or valuable for special education assessment. Inclusion of an address is not an endorsement, and exclusion of one is not a criticism.  In most cases, it is pure ignorance.  Please let us know of any errors you discover.  Categories are fairly arbitrary.  Please give us any addresses that should be added.  Our thanks to everyone who has contributed to this list, especially Laurie Jensen, who checked all of the links last year.  If you e-mail a request to John Willis (,  he will return a "clickable" copy of this list as a Microsoft Word ™ 7.0 Rich Text Format (.rtf) attachment.  Similar lists are available at,, and in Jerome M. Sattler's Assessment of Children: Cognitive Applications (4th ed.) (San Diego: Jerome M. Sattler, Publisher, 2001, pp. 887-890).   A massive, categorized list and a tutorial for psychological research on the Internet are provided in Sandra Steingart's The well-connected school psychologist: The busy person's guide to school psychology on the Internet (2004-2005 ed.) (Longmont, CO: Sopris West, 2001).  It is available at a bargain price as text or CD.  Don't go on line with out it.


Best Two  Sources We Have Found – Always Start Here                                                                  Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online                                                                 Jim Wright's Intervention Central


Canadian Resources (Thanks to Lynne Beal & Sue Morbey)                                            Parents of Children with Special Needs, Ontario                                                                                    SNOW - Special Needs Opportunity Windows                                                                Assoc. of Chief Psychologists with Ontario School Bds.                                                                                    Canadian Association of School Psychologists                                                                                              Canadian Psychological Association       Ontario Ministry of Education: Special Ed                                                             Canadian Special Education                                                                                              Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario


Assessment (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                                                                                          Current Issues in Ed, Arizona State U. online journal                                   Mountain Shadows Phonemic Awareness Scale; many
                                                                                                                                statistics programs for researchers and evaluators                                           Cross Battery Assessment: Flanagan & Ortiz                                                                        Rob Mark's Web page & scoring disk for calculating 50% discrepancies order from:                                               Review of tests for deaf and hard of hearing examinees                                                                Articles on "Assessment and Deaf Test Takers"                                                                         Large Web site on intelligence                                                              Ron Anderson on 2nd language acquisition, assessment            NCSPA Guidelines for assessment of children w/ LEP                                                                        Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation                                                                             Age calculator for evaluators                                                Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education                                                                                           Assoc. of Specialists in Assessment of Intell. Functioning                                                                                          Home IQ test J                                                                           Flanagan and Ortiz Cross-Battery Web Site                                                              Dynamic Assessment Web Site                                                                  Barbara Read's Ed. Diagnostic & Consultant Services  Extensive OCR Guide for High-Stakes Testing                                                                                              Florida Center for Reading Research  DIBELS, etc.                                                        Joel Schneider's scoring programs and tests                                                                   History of intelligence testing                                                                 Jim Wright's Intervention Central                                                                                           National Association of Test Directors                                                      Neuropsychology Central: Jeff Browndyke.                                       Nat. Inst. for Literacy reading assessment profiles, etc.                                                              AGS discussion group on psychological assessment                               Disability Evaluation for Social Security                                                                            information on Word Finding difficulty - Diane German                                     Dr. Steven Shaw                 Dr. Steven Shaw                    Dr. Steven Shaw
Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA), Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM),
Response to Intervention (RTI), Problem-Solving Model (PSM) (Thanks to Guy McBride)                                                                                  The Official DIBELS Home Page                               DIBELS for littlies              Minnesota CBM Progress Measures – Stan Deno.                                                                                            progress monitoring tools Univ. of Minnesota                                   Mark Shinn: File sharing ŕ presentations                                                    NRCLD Responsiveness-to-Intervention Symposium                                                                          NRCLD Conference on RTI in SLD Determination                                                                          Research Institute on Progress Monitoring                                                                 Pasternak: The Demise of IQ Testing for… LD    Arkansas - click on Functional Assessment and . . .                                                                               Heartland Area Agency, Johnston , Iowa                                             Heartland Area Agency, Johnston , Iowa                               Program Manual for Special Education                                                                             commercial source for curriculum-based assessment                                         downloads: brochures & demonstration tools                                                   articles posted by AIMSWEB                           Reschly:  Minority Students in Gifted and Special Ed.                                                                                  CBM Now Support for K-12                                                                                              Florida Center for Reading Research  DIBELS, etc.     Torgeson: alternative ID of LD                                                                                         Flexible Service Delivery – Illinois Board of Education                                                                 Jim Wright's Intervention Central   Minneapolis Problem-solving Model                                                                                      RTI Policies & Procedures Implementation book order                        NASP Position Statement on Rights Without Labels                                  Barbour & Schwanz:  PSModel in Horry County .                                       Canter:  Introduction to Problem Solving: Resources…               Marston, Canter, Lau, & Muyskens:  PSM   Andrea Canter Problem Solving and RTI                          RTI Symposium 12/4/03 3 vs. 4 tiers            RTI Progress Monitoring Pamela Stecker       graphing tools: McDougal, Clark, & Wilson SUNY
                                                                                                                                PaTTAN training materials for RTI                                                                               National Center on Response to Intervention
                                                                                                                                Special Connections OSEP & University of Kansas                                                  National Center on Student Progress Monitoring                                                           National Center on Student Progress Monitoring                                    lots of downloads of training materials                                                                WestEd: lots of downloadable resources                                                                                            Commercial software for hand-held computers

Psychology Web Sites (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                                                                      Dumont/Willis on the Web                                          Samuel Ortiz's WWW School Psychology Homepage                                                   IAP list home page – lots of valuable documents                                                                                           John Kupcinski's School Psychologist's Corner                                                                     historical documents in psychology York University                                       School Psychologists' Home Page, Bartow , GA                                                               brain-based ed., illustrations of brain, news briefs, etc.                                                                            Behavioral Counseling and Psychological Services                                                                             Institute for Applied Psychometrics                                                                   biographical profiles - intelligence theory and testing                                                                  Jim Wright's interventions for learning and behavior                                                       Margaret J. Kay's page with articles and links                                                                     Jack Naglieri                    Working memory - University of Durham                  Working memory - University of Durham                                            Sandra Steingart’s outstanding resources                                                                      Debra Caywood-Rukas's Zone of Proximal Devel.

Psychology and Psychiatry Organizations                                                                                            American Psychological Association (APA)                                                Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education                                                       Ethical Principles of Psychologists & Code of Conduct                                                                                           Assoc. of Specialists in Assessment of Intell. Functioning                                                                Global School Psychology Network                                                                                         National Association of School Psychologists                                           NASP Professional Conduct Manual                                                     APA Division (16) of School Psychology.                                                                                     International School Psychology Association

Reading                                                        Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center                                                                             The Official DIBELS Home Page                                               Linda Wasmer Andrews SMOG reading level tool                                                           Oregon Reading First                                                                                Big Ideas in Beginning Reading!/                                                           Search engine and Web guide rated by grade level                                                                  Bruce Murray's reading site      Preventing Early Reading Failure – J. Torgeson         Teaching Reading is Rocket Science Louisa C. Moats                            Reading First resources                                                                                              Florida Center for Reading Research  DIBELS, etc.                                        downloadable presentations on reading                                                                        Get Ready to Read! (GRTR!) national initiative                                                                                 U. Maryland International Children's Digital Library                                                                        Teaching methods, materials and texts - Brody Reading                                                             National Reading Panel                                          NICHD Reading Research Resources                                                      National Institute For Literacy Publications                                                                 Susan L. Hall and Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D                                                                                 International Reading Association                                                                          products and information, e.g., reading fluency tables                                                                                           Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic                                                            The Reading Foundation, Amherst , NH

Math                                                             FAQs about math and send in questions to Dr. Math                                                                            NCTM Illuminations – standards, lessons, links, etc.                                                                                 Nat. Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM) Standards                                                                                   math instruction and practice                                                                                            K-12 Math and Science Teacher Center                                                                                       Kumon math                                                                             math word problems                                                         Dave's Math Tables

Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language, NLD, and ADHD                                                     Central Auditory Processing Disorder                                                                              American Speech-Language-Hearing Association                                                                                                    National Research Center on Learning Disabilities                                                                          Indigo Children                                                                                              American Academy of Ophthalmology                                  Policy Statement: Learning Dis., Dyslexia, & Vision                                                                       Mel Levine on learning differences                                                                              American Speech-Language-Hearing Association                                          Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Teens BIANH                                                                                           Children & Adults with ADD   NIH consensus report on ADHD                                NH Disability Rights Center Traumatic Brain Injury                       LD Research and Resources; Cog. Process. Inventory                                     50 conditions that mimic ADHD                                                                                   International Dyslexia Association                                                                 Jim Wright's Intervention Central                                                                                       Learning Disabilities Assoc. of America                                                                                    LD                        student self-advocacy                                                    Vanderbilt scales and other information on ADHD                                   Vanderbilt scales and other information on ADHD                                                      neuropsychology                                                         NICHQ ADHD Practitioner's Toolkit                                                  NIMH research on treatment for ADHD                                                                              Byron Rourke's NLD Web site                                                                                    NLD Line nonverbal learning disability                                                                           Nonverbal learning disorder         NRCLD Researcher Consensus Statement on LD                                                                        Schwab Foundation for Learning: info. for parents                                                                                  AGS discussion group on speech and language
                                                                                                                                Vanderbilt University resources                                                                            Word Finding Web site

Deafness and Hearing Loss (Thanks to Robin Henne and Judith Bischoff)                                                      Guide for serving hearing children with deaf parents                                                                       Gallaudet University .  Many links and resources.                                                        Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center                               ASL software                                                                                      Gallaudet Research Institute                                                               Assessment and Deaf Test-Takers – Gallaudet College                                                        Parents' guide to deaf education                                                                                        Alexander Graham Bell Association                                                                     Beginnings for Parents                                                                                        National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness                                                                             American Society for Deaf Children                                                                              Information, news, and resources.                       OCR on Educational Services for Deaf Students                                                                                   Gallaudet College                                  Deafblind children Home Page – good links                                                                                 Products for the deaf and hard of hearing                                                     Sign language Web sites Linda Burkhart                                                                                           National Association of the Deaf                                                  Steven Hardy-Braz's                                                                                         Self-Help for Hard of Hearing People

Blindness and Visual Impairment (Thanks to Carol Evans and Judith Bischoff)                                                         Simulates eye-muscle problems: eyes follow the cursor                                                                                            American Academy of Ophthalmology                                                                                            American Council of the Blind                                                                                             American Foundation for the Blind                                                                                             American Printing House for the Blind                                                                                       Ocular motor apraxia home page                                                                                 Low Vision Gateway – lots of good information                                                                               History of Reading Codes for the Blind                                                                                             National Federation of the Blind                                                                        Near vision screening cards: register, then click on vision & hearing screening, then visual acuity charts,                           then on Lea near vision symbol card                          Instructions for Lea near vision cards                                                                        Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired,                                                                               Vision Associates tests and information


Physical Disabilities and Pages for Many Disabilities                                                Pediatric Neurosurgery page Neil Feldstein                                                          Nat. Dissemination Cntr. for Children with Disabilities                                                                                     Brain Injury Association of America                                                               Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome                                                                     CHARGE Syndrome Foundation                                                                 clearing house for supplies and equipment                                                                 Monthly Guide to Disability Resources on the 'Net                             list of genetic dysmorphic syndromes                                                                                        Mobility International: exchange programs                                                                Nat. Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke                                                                            NORD listing of rare diseases home page                                                                                           Soc. for Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped                                                                  Sandra Stei ngart's School Psych Resources Online                                                                                      TASH association for persons with severe disabilities                                                                     Tourette Syndrome "Plus"                                                                                     The Tourette Syndrome Association                                                                                          United Cerebral Palsy                                                Sotos Syndrome                                                                                            Williams Syndrome Foundation

Medical Information                                                                                Developmental Pediatrics and Behavior                                                              Amer. Academy of Pediatrics policy statements                                                                                      American Academy of Family Physicians                                                                                          National Institutes of Health
                                                                                                                                EBSCO Health Library                                          Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Teens BIANH                                                                                               "Best of the Web"  health information           height, weight, body mass index charts                                                                             information on clinical trials                                  Children with Diabetes                       Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services                                               Drug information                                               Drug interactions                                                                                                                                                               Epilepsy & Brain Mapping Program                                                                              Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network                                                                                        Nat. Clearinghouse for Drug & Alcohol Info.                                                                      The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools                                                                             links to many health-related sites                                                                                              Health On Net Foundation search engine                                                                              Mayo Clinic                                                                                 Medscape                                              searchable medical databases                                                                                     National Library of Medicine                                                              National Library of Medicine "easy-access site"                                                              Ped. Neurol. Associates: articles and links                                                          Stephen Barrett, MD, Guide to Health Fraud                                                                                         Internet Drug Index                                                                  Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online                                                     American Sleep Apnea Association                                      Childhood Sleep Apnea                                                            Am. Acad. Pediatrics Practice Guidelines Sleep Apnea          Set up a Web page to post updates about a hospital patient's condition and a bulletin board to post messages to the patient and family.  Great service.

Mental Retardation/Intellectual Challenge (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                                                                                                     National Association for Down Syndrome                                                                                            American Assoc. on MR; def. of MR, etc.                                                        President's Comm. for People with Intell. Disabilities                                            List of resources and links                                                                                     National Association for the Dually Diagnosed                                                                              Links for MR and psychiatry and other topics                                                                  Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online                                                                                        The ARC


Emotional, Behavioral, Affective, Obsessive-Compulsive (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                                                                                                    Jeffrey Miller Multimodal Functional Behavioral Ass't                                                                            Arkansas State Improvement Grant (SIG) website                                                                               American Institute for Research                                                    Juvenile Bipolar Research Fpoundation              Child & Adolescent Bipolar foundation                                                                                          Collaborative for Acad., Social & Emotional Learning                              Center for Evidence-Based Practice: Young Children                                                                              American Counseling Association                                                                         James P. Hutt's counseling links                                                                                               Hurt-Free School – Chris Mattise                                                                 Jim Wright's Intervention Central                                                    Dr. Jim Chandler 's pamphlets on psychiatric disorders                                               NIMH page for Bipolar Disorder                                                                         Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation                                                                                           positive behavioral intervention                                                                                     Calif. Positive Environments Network of Trainers                                                                  Sandra Steinga rt's School Psych Resources Online

Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and PDD (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                                                          U.Calif. at SB – Autism Research and Training Center                                    Yale Child Study Center Developmental Disabilities                                                                    Semi-humorous dissenting opinion                                        Quebec Society for Autism and other PDD                                             New York Autism Network                                                                                      Autism National Committee                                                                                          Florida St. U. Center for Autism & Related Disorders                                                                                       Center for the Study of Autism                                                                                Autism Network for Dietary Intervention                                                                         Autism Society of America                                                   Autism Speaks                                        web-based tool to help learn about early red flags         Facts about autism                      Clinical practice guidelines NY Dept. of Health                                                                                 Home page for PDD, hyperlexia, etc.                                                                                              Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention                                                                    Nat. Inst. of Child Health & Human Devel. - autism                                                National Institute of Mental Health - Autism                  Oregon Dept. of Ed. outcome study and other info                                                                         Special Abilities, emphasis on autism, many links                                                                  Sandra Steingart's School Psych Resources Online                                                                                      TEACCH program University of North Carolina                                     Social skills & Asperger – Terese Pawletko                                                                     Tony Attwood on Asperger's Syndrome                                                             Asperger info. & support Barb Kirby's OASIS


General Education and Special Education (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                          low-level, high-interest books for older students                                               Jill Mora Cross Cultural Lang. & Acad. Development        Coalition for Evidenced-Based Policy: several papers                                                                                           John Kupcinski's School Psychologist's Corner                                          Lianro WagenerSmith's references and resources                                         Ask-An-Expert from Stevens Institute of Technology                                                                                 grade acceleration for gifted children                                                   Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators – lots of material!                                                                                              Special Education Resources on the Internet                                                                                Teachers.Net lesson bank                                                                                   A BC Teach resources for teachers    Arkansas State Technical Assistance Papers and PP                                                                                               American Federation of Teachers: many links                                                                                   Assoc. on Higher Ed. and Disability                                                Awesome Library for Kids links                                                                                         Behavior Analysis Certification Board
                                                                                                                                IEP Objectives Bank Redmond , Oregon                                                                                          Center for Advancement of Social & Emotional Learning                                                                         Behavior management from The Master Teacher                                            Rethinking Special Education for a New Century                             OCR on planning for post-secondary education                                                                        daily general education news and links                                                                      Education World                                                                                     Education Week                                                                                            K-12 Math and Science Teacher Center                                                                                     ERIC                                               Family Village resources for parents; Univ. of Wisc .                                                       rules for children's games                                                Kay Smith's Special Educators' Web page                                                                 Gifted Development Center                                                                               Ennis Cosby memorial with good Rxs for teachers                                                                                           Knowledge is Power charter school program                                                                 Intervention Central: instruction and behavior ideas                                                Bilingual Special Ed. info & links Illinois State BOE                                                                                K12 Station resources "Great Links for Education"                                                                        Teaching methods, materials and texts - Brody Reading                                                                          commercial teaching materials, some free samples                           lots of learning strategies                                                                                        Nat. Assoc. for the Education Of Young Children                                                                                      Nat. Association of State Directors of Special Educ.                                                                                            National Education Association (NEA)                                              National Education Association: hints and gimmicks.                                                        National Education Assoc.: special education archives                                                         NICHCY research reports on disabilities                                                                        North Central Regional Ed. Library                                                                Northwest Regional Ed. Library                                                                Northwest Regional Ed. Library in the Sky                                                                            New Horizons for Learning                                    Nebraska Dept. of Ed. extensive info. on IEPs                                                                                         New Hampshire Association for Gifted Education       lesson plans for teaching about disabilities                                                                             Project Read                                                                                    Pat Tomlan's Instructional Support for . . . Disabilities                                                                           The Resource Room information for teachers                     Gardner 's multiple intelligences                                                                     Reading A-Z educational links                                                                         Special Abilities, emphasis on autism, many links                                                                              lesson plans and curriculum units             articles on gifted and talented education                                                 many links - University of Wisconsin Waisman Center

Law and Government                                       National State special ed. Policy Database                                                                   U.S. DOE Doing What Works                                                                                               IDEA home page U.S. Dept. of Education                                                   two Web pages with extensive special education                                             information for parents and advocates                                                                                National Center for Education Statistics                                                                                    individual state compliance reports for NCLB                                                                              NICHCY listing of state resources                                                                                    searchable index of government education info                                                                                       Thomas ( Jefferson ) current information on legislation                                                    Section 504 resources                                                            Section 508 information (technology accessibility)                                   CEC IDEA page and links, download law and regs.                                              CEC analysis of IDEIA                                                                                    population data                                                         COPAA comparison of IDEA and IDEIA                             Calif. School Boards' Assoc. analysis of IDEIA                                                                   Disability Law directory online, newsletter, information
http://www/                                          information on filling Social Security and SSI claims                                                                                    Federal Resource Center for Special Ed.                                                                                             US Department of Education Home Page                                 FAQ about Section 504   President's Commission on . . . Special Ed.                                                             U.S. Dept. of Ed.: No Child Left Behind                                                       IDEA                                      IDEA Regulations                           DOE Technical Assistance & Dissemination                       Protection of Pupil Rights Act information                    Section 504 Regulations                         2004 IDEIA                                 ordering page for Dept. of Ed. publications                                                    ending social promotion                                                                                         special education laws and regulations                                                                                    legal references                                                       Code of Federal Regulations                                                      Federal HIPAA privacy rights                                                                          IDEA Practices                         search IDEA regulations                                           parent guide for NCLB from Schwab & NCLD                                                                                             special ed. law, IDEA                              NASP on the reauthorization of  IDEA                                                                       grants listed by NATD                                                            Nat. Center for LD Parent Center law guides                                                                          NCSET analyses of IDEIA w/ emphasis on transition                                                  IDEA training package text version                                                                  No Child Left Behind official Web site                               Interagency Education Research Initiative                                    Toolkit for assessment and teaching                                                                             Pennsylv. Training and Technical Assistance Network                                       PaTTAN search engine for OSERS policy letters                                       PaTTAN search engine for OSEP policy letters                               written prior notice                                                                               Section 508 technology accessibility rules                                                                           web site and newsletter grants K-12                                                     Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon, Portland , ME                                                                                      SPED*NET Special Education Network – Connecticut                                                                                    Southern Poverty Law Center – antidiscrimination                                                                                      Department of Justice                                                  Americans with Disabilities Act page                                                                                        U.S.D.O.E. What Works Clearinghouse (WWC)                                                                   evidence-based education "help-desk"                                                                             excellent parent-oriented sped law web site                                                                                        NH Disability Rights Center
                                                                                                                                 NH Special Education rules                                                                                    NH Education Law - Scott Johnson
Retention in Grade (Thanks to Guy McBride et al.)                                                         Retention in Kindergarten: Am. Ed. Research Assoc.                                   U.S. DOE  Responsibility for Ending Social Promotion                        Harvard Education Letter on Retention 1999                                     Shane Jimerson information on retention        KidSource Online re Kindergarten retention                   NASP position statement on retention                                                 North Carolina ASP papers on retention and links                                                                                                                                         Family Education Network links                                                                                                Current Issues in Education                                     WebPsychEmpiricist research papers on-line                                                                                             on-line Journal of Special Education Technology                                                                        Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation                                                                             Journal Watch Online: psychiatry                                                                             American Psychological Association Monitor                                                                                     Education Week                                                                              looksmart ® findarticles                                                  APA School Psychology Division journals                                                                                       Journal Watch Online: summaries/comments by MDs                                                                                   New York Times                                                   Phi Delta Kappan                                                                          free access to some journals                                                                                           University Microfilms (dissertations)                                                                                       Scientific American                                                                   Social Psychology                                                                                 Buros Mental Measurements Yearbooks

Technology (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                                                                        links for disabilities and technology                                                                                             on-line Journal of Special Education Technology                                                                                          Trace Center University of Wisconsin                                                                                    gigantic list of assistive technology links                                                            one-handed typing instruction: info. and purchase                                                                             age calculator for evaluators                                                                              AlphaSmart word processors                                                    Computer Technology in Special Education & Rehab.                                                                                  Products for the deaf and hard of hearing      learning tech for post-secondary students w/ disabilities Canada                                                                                              math-friendly document processor                                                                                  Metroplex: voice-activated, on-screen math computing                                                                                             tech and Internet acronyms, abbreviations, and terms                                                                              software to read aloud from computer screen                                                                                         Rehab Engineering & Assistive Technology                                                                                         Telecommunications Equip. Distribution Prog. Assoc.  tech support for struggling readers - Texas                                                                                   sells screen readers, etc.            Chi-Square calculator Georgetown University                                   Mountain Shadows Phonemic Awareness Scale; many
                                                                                                                                statistics programs for researchers and evaluators                                                    Audio Bookshelf; includes curriculum guide, etc.                                                                     unabridged rentals and sales                                                                       unabridged rentals and sales                                                                                           Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic                                     Carol Evans: paper on Audio Assisted Reading                                                                                   Council for Exceptional Children                                                                     Urban Sp. Ed. Leadership Collaborative                                                                                                       Ask Jeeves plain language search engine                                                               translations into other languages                                   many statistics programs for researchers and evaluators                                               links to >600 statistics Web pages John C. Pezzullo                                                                                 Google search engine for scholarly articles!/                                                           Search engine and Web guide rated by grade level                                                                        look up acronyms and abbreviations                                                              WayBack Machine to find old, lost Web pages                                                              A-Z-Books                                                                                   many useful on-line research tools                                                                                books, including out of print                                                                              books, including out of print                                                                                 Encyclopedia Britannica                                                                                          search engine for pictures                                                                               "Everything K-12"                                                                                          ERIC                                                                                      search engine                                                    Google specialized search engines                                                                     Hyperdictionary                                                                                            search engine, create list of links w/o leaving page                                                                                               general information                                                                             neuropsychology                                                                            copyright-friendly, free images for multimedia, etc.                                                                           metasearch engine                                                                  Sandra Steingar t’s outstanding resources                                                              search engine                                                                                         statistics software, etc.                                                                     free Aladdin Expander                                                                        Telephone Translators and Interpreters 800-811-7881                                                                                       search engine; sorts by topic                                                                   The Free Dictionary by Farlex                                                                              lesson plans and curriculum units                                                                     slang dictionary updated by members                                                                           search engine, child-appropriate sites                                                                               Internet hoaxes, virus hoaxes, etc.                                                                  Internet hoaxes, virus hoaxes, etc.                                                           Internet hoaxes, virus hoaxes, etc.                                                                                    Internet hoaxes, virus hoaxes, etc.                                                                       Urban Legends and Folklore                                                                                                  comparison shopping for books                                                                   Academic Therapy                                         American Guidance Service                                                                                                                          Amazon: commercial book seller                                                                      Dr. Thomas Achenbach et al.: CBCL, etc.                                                 discount Paperbacks for Educators                                                              A-Z-Books                                                                      Barnes and Noble: commercial book seller                                           comparison shopping for books on line                                                                                books, including out of print                                                                              books, including out of print                                                                            interactive sign language rebus books for kids                                                                                    Earobics                                                                used textbooks                                                                                             McGraw-Hill assessment (CTB/McGraw-Hill)                                                                Elsevier: Journal of School Psych., etc.                                                                                Educators Publishing Service                                                                                             Educational Testing Service                                                               Harcourt Assessment/The Psychological Corporation                        Wiley list of new books by course topic                                                                                         Houghton Mifflin                                                                         Jessica Kingsley Publishers (social/behavioral sciences)                                                                        Teaching methods, materials and texts - Brody Reading                                                                                           Lindamood-Bell                                                                         LinguiSystems                            Conners' Scales, etc.                                                            .                                                                                   comparison shopping for books on line                                                                                             National Academy Press                                                                                    NH Special Education Law Manual                                                                                      Psychological Assessment Resources                                                                                  Pro-Ed                      book publisher                                                                                           Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic                                                                                  Riverside                          updated WJ III information    updated WJ III software info and downloads                  Stanford-Binet 5 support                 Stanford-Binet 5 information                                                                 Riverside technical support                                                                       Jerome Sattler                                                       Fearon                                                                                   Slosson tests and materials                                                                              tests and materials for at-risk students; IEP program                                                                               Stoelting (Leiter International Perf. Scale, etc.)                                                                           Association of Test Publishers                                                                              USDOE & ERIC links for curriculum, lesson plans                                                                                         Wiley                                          Western Psychological Services                                                                               Wide Range                                                                           Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Comm. Resource Center                                                                             Global Community of Dsiability-Related Resources                                                   two Web pages with extensive special education                                             information for parents and advocates                                                                                           John Kupcinski's School Psychologist's Corner                                                                        Al-Anon, Alateen                                          Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Teens BIANH                                                                     Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation                                                                                        Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates                                                                    Social Security Disability Secrets                                                educational advocates: NH & northern MA: D. French                                                                         Gift From Within - survivors of trauma & victimization                                                        Wrightslaw state-by-state listing of parent resources                                                                            Kids Together, Inc. – support for inclusion                                          state-by-state resource listings                                                                Nar-Anon                                                            Nat. Center for LD Parent Center law guides                                                                                             Internet acronyms every parent should know                                                                                      New Hampshire Special Education Resources                                                                                    Our-Kids for parents of children with disabilities                                                                                         Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights                                                         Parent Information Center New Hampshire                                                                       Susan L. Hall and Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D                                                                         Sibling Support Project sponsored by ARC                                                                                      SPED*NET Special Education Network - Connecticut                                                                              excellent parent-oriented sped law web site

School-to-Work (STW) Transition                                              Ohio Valley Ed. Coop. detailed guidelines                                             Transition Research Institute at Univ. Illinois (TRI)                    U.S. Dept. of Ed. Adult & Vocational Education                                                                      Employment Support Institute VA Commonwealth Un.

Homework Help for Students (and evaluators)                                                                         lots of good information and links                                                                                     Internet Public Library                                                                                           John Kupcinski's School Psychologist's Corner                                                                                                     Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus                                                                            B J Pinchbeck's Homework Helper links                                              University of Illinois at  Urbana-Champaign                                                    lots of learning strategies                                                                              Schoolwork.ugh! links                                           Central Intelligence Agency maps

Grants (Thanks to Judith Bischoff)                                                                        grants listed by NATD                                                                           web site and newsletter grants K-12
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IEP Guide – very active listserv and extensive special education information for parents on the two Web pages.  The first package of information after you sign up and are accepted requires a big mailbox.
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