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IF only this were made up


With all the talk on the list about LD and the reauthorization, I though some might get a kick out of a handout I picked up at a conference on “How to help school aged children” subtitled “How to sue a school.”  This conference was attended by about 200 attorneys and was a primer on how to get kids into special education.


I will not reveal who gave the handout, but it was a representative of a well known national Learning Disabilities Advocacy group. It is given verbatim with only my random comments interspersed


Is it any wonder that schools have problems?  If this were not real it would be hilarious.




Basic Knowledge of Learning Disabilities

What is a Learning Disability?

There are over thirty five accepted definitions of learning disabilities--from the federal government, education system, state systems of education, health and assistance. Primarily, a learning disability is when there is a severe discrepancy between the expected IQ and the actual IQ. The client is working at an achieved IQ much lower than is proven possible. (underline, italic added – comment – those ld kids sure do the impossible)


Effects on Family Life with Learning Disabled Member


Parental reaction to LD diagnosis is more severe than any other disability. (comment – have you ever had to explain to the parent of an autistic child or one with mental deficiencies the results and implications of the comprehensive evaluation?  I’ll take the LD child almost anytime)  it is hidden and takes usually failure and loss of self-esteem to even have testing done such a disability. Most other disabilities can be seen from the beginning. LD is found out later, after dreams and aspirations have been contemplated about that child. Suddenly the future and dreams are blown away with two words--"Special Education”. Unfortunately, most people are very uninformed about learning disabilities (comment – as evidenced by this handout) and immediately feel that this means mental retardation. Friends of the family will say, "Gee, I'm so sorry, he doesn't look different." All of this can tear a family apart. In fact (comment - this is what I want – facts) it has been proven that most disabilities will bring the family closer together whereas learning disabilities often tear the family apart. In fact (comment – more facts) it has also been proven that many fathers do not do well with learning disabilities--usually sons (7 out of 10, are males). (comment – 7 out of 10 fathers are male? Or 7 out of 10 sons are male?) Parents who agree usually agree on everything, will not agree on the LD