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Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children-II

These are unofficial KABC-II  pages.

Although we hope they prove useful for purchasers and users of the KABC-II, the information on these pages has not been authenticated by the KABC-II authors, nor by American Guidance Services (AGS). The American Guidance Services' official pages for the KABC-II is at:

KABC-II Computer Template  Free, downloadable KABC-II  Excel© Template to further aid in the interpretation of the test.  This template is not associated with any of the software that is available at the AGS site.

Possible (Probable) error

General description

Subtest descriptions with examples of how the tasks are designed. Click on one of the scales below to see the examples

Sequential Processing/Short term Memory
Simultaneous Processing/Visual Processing
Learning Ability/Long Term Storage and Retrieval
Planning Ability/Fluid Reasoning
Crystallized Ability

Subtests as measures of g

Structure The subtests and how they align themselves on KABC-II composites across different ages

Comments, questions, concerns Review of the KABC-II including comments and concerns for users

Gf-Gc configuration

Range of subtest scaled score at different ages  Do the subtest scaled scores have complete range at all ages? This page provides ranges by age and Core battery

Princess SummerFallWinterSpring (KTEA-II) What can occurs when one moves from one norms table to another