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Matching Letter-Like Forms

Normed for ages 4:6 to 7:11 (Usual age range is 4:6 to 5:11; Out of level age ranges are 4:0 to 4:5 and 6:0 to 7:11).

This subtest assesses visual discrimination and awareness of spatial orientation. It contains a total of 27 items, each scored as correct or incorrect. Two starting points are available (age 4:0 to 5:11 start at item 1, while 6:0 to 7:11 start at item 10).

Factor analytic findings

The Matching Letter-Like Forms subtest is considered a fair measure of g for all ages (r = .55). Specificity is ample for all age groups.

Reliability and correlational highlights

Matching Letter-Like Forms is considered to possess medium overall reliability (r = .85), with reliability coefficients ranging from .49 to .87 across all of the age groups It has moderate correlations with all other subtests (mean r =.34) in the battery.

Gf-Gc classification

In the Broad stratum definition of abilities, Matching Letter-Like Forms is considered to be a logical measure of Visual Processing (Gv). In the Narrow stratum of abilities, it is considered to be a probable measure of Visualization (VZ) (McGrew & Flanagan, 1998, p. 112).

Administrative and interpretive considerations

The Matching Letter-Like Forms subtest is described on pages 247-8 in the DAS Administration and Scoring Manual and discussed on pages 64 and 65 in the DAS Introductory and Technical Handbook. To aid examiners in the scoring of the subtest, correct responses are highlighted in bold, green ink on the record form. Be sure to record the child's actual responses so that you can later analyze errors.

Recall of Objects Recall of Digits Recognition of Pictures
Speed of Information Processing Matching Letter-Like Forms
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