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Copy of a real letter received by the school. This evaluator was trying to communicate something worthwhile to the school but no one really knew what that was.

Ms. Diane Hirley
Case Coordinator
Re: Kate Dumont

Dear Ms. Hirley:

Mr. and Mrs. Dumont have asked me to prepare a few general psychological insights regarding Kate that might be useful for the school in its efforts to meet her academic needs, and, perhaps, attune and adjust specific approaches to accommodate such awareness.

Kate has made considerable progress in therapeutic endeavors and, in general, social displays and behaviors are more age-appropriate and acceptable than ever before. However, these adjustments tend to be superficial in that they are results of conditioning and are not truly expressions of incorporated behavior. In essence, Kate's social responses are essentially rote ones and the internalizing is rather minimal.

The implication is of appropriate performance and functioning related to significant maturational lags. Thus, when confronted with marked stress, especially-when the situation is not routinized and prosaic, regressive responses and reactions will be readily manifest.

The fundamental approaches to her, therefore, might take this into account. Since the effort would be to facilitate and enhance maturation, the focus would be on stabilizing a nurturing, supportive atmosphere, tutorial but avoiding as much as possible, criticism and authoritative expression.

Were the presentation toward her be couched in alliance terms, with approaches pervasive with feelings of mutual acceptance and shared goals of her mastering her world, minimizing the criticizing and authoritarian aspects toward her responses would make her more amenable to behavioral change and facilitate incorporation.

The creation of an acceptance-alliance relationship is more easily created and sustained by having her limit her negotiations to just a few tutorial figures who would, in addition, act as advocates.

I would, of course, be available for feedback, guidance, insight, etc. as these approaches toward Kate become operational.

Please contact me if you have any questions.