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Test Reviews and Commentary

Scale for Assessing Emotional Disturbance (SAED)  A new (1998) scale for use with the diagnosis of emotional disturbance

WRAML  Comments on the WRAML factor structure

The Process Assessment of the Learner – Test Battery for Reading and Writing (PAL-RW) A short review with comments.

Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP) Description of this new test of Phonological Awareness
            For a comprehensive review of the CTOPP by Jim Lennon and Christine Slesinski

KBIT vs. WISC-III A research paper that compared the results obtained from a sample of 600 children administered both the K-BIT and the WISC-III.

Computerized CPT Review Reviews of the Conners', The TOVA, and the IVA Continuous Performance Test

CPT Comparison Table

SENSITIVITY, SPECIFICITY, AND POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE PREDICTIVE POWER FOR CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE TESTS  Knowing that a test is reliable and valid sometimes just isn't enough. The authors review some other issues important in the diagnosis of specific disorders.

Software Review: A Comparison of Five Interpreter/Report Writers Authors reviewed 5 commercial software programs that are sold as "report writers." Comparisons between the software as well as pros and cons are presented.

FBA software A review of two software programs (!Observe and Behavior Observation Assistant) originally published in the Communiqué.

LET-II A review of the Learning Efficiency Test-Second Edition

KAIT A review of the Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test

TOMAL A review of the Test of Memory and Learning

ROCF The Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure Task (Test) has been used quite a bit, yet there are some problems associated with the task. Read this interesting review and critique. Our thanks to Valerie Carter who wrote this piece.

Woodcock-McGrew-Werder Mini-Battery of Achievement (MBA) A review of the Mini-Battery of Achievement

Short Form IQ Tests A discussion by Cisco and Eggbert about the utility of short form IQ tests.

How to Create a Short Form Test Description of how to generate a deviation score for combinations of subtests.

As the Block Turns: Interpretation of block rotations on block design subtests Why do kids rotate those blocks anyway? Possibly some answers.

School Psychologists or Soothsayer? What can we really say from the result of our tests

Norms An interesting bit of history that highlights the need to check the normative data provided by test publishers. This involves the Halstead-Reitan test.

Test Descriptions A brief description of a number of commonly used assessment tools.

How To Review A Test An outline that may be useful in evaluating a test before using it. Since everyone knows that "If the test publisher publishes a test 'It must be good'" , John Willis and I present this outline in an effort to show how to prove (or disprove) that notion.

Tests Measuring Aspects of Phonological Awareness Comparisons of several  new and old test of Phonological Awareness

Comprehensive Tests of Nonverbal Intelligence (CTONI) Short and to the point description by John Willis of this test.

ORAL AND WRITTEN LANGUAGE SCALES (OWLS) Review of the OWLS Written Scale by John Willis.



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