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TEST SCORE Descriptions Computer Template 


Test Score Description Template

The sheets in this Template are meant to be used as an aid to test score descriptions.

The conversion of Scaled Scores and Standard Scores to Percentiles Ranks, Stanines, and Classifications is based on a normalized curve and may not match exactly the specific test.

Users need only enter the tests obtained score and the template will calculate all other results.

Each sheet contains one test. Users enter data into cells color coded yellow:


Using the

TAB key will move you from cell to cell.

Each page is formatted for printing

The Template is protected to prevent users from inadvertently over-writing cells that contain formulae.

The Template is provided free by Ron Dumont and John Willis. We assume no responsibility for how the templateis utilized. As with all test materials and test results, users must apply moral, ethic, and legal guidelines regarding test interpretation.

An example from the DAS sheet is presented below.

To download template press here.

Please send me an email if you download the template. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please do not distribute the template to anyone else.