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Word Reading

Normed for ages 5:0 to 17:11 (Usual age range 6:0 to 17:11, Out of level age range 5:0 to 5:11). Percentile ranks are also provided for each half of each grade from the second half of kindergarten through the second half of grade 12.

The Word Reading subtest is described on pages 276-278 in the DAS Administration and Scoring Manual and discussed on pages 79-80 in the DAS Introductory and Technical Handbook. The Word Reading subtest requires the child to read aloud a series of increasingly difficult single-words. The subtest contains 90 words separated into nine blocks of 10-words each. Four different age determined starting points are provided. Children read each successive block of words until the ceiling of 8 failures in a block of 10 words is reached. Examiners should record the child's attempts phonetically for later analysis, as described on p. 278 of the Manual. Word Reading, as its name implies, measures only that one aspect of reading. Examiners will need to find other tests to measure other reading skills.

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