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The most important purpose of films and videos is to tell a story. Stand Film & Video Festival highlights stories about important cultural and social issues. Voices from minority and women filmmakers are especially encouraged as are films that share unique stories and voices. Racism, the environment, religion, economics, cultural differences...Where do you "Stand"?

As a citizen as well as a filmmaker, what do you consider to be an important issue? How are you using film or video to influence an audience? Film and video is a form of communication with power to influence how others see the world. Most of us will never forget the television bringing real-time images of the World Trade Centers in New York falling to the ground. In the days following that tragedy, the news programs were on all day, and people were seeking explanations and refuge in the television. As we move more and more into a global community, narrative films from other countries are showing up in local movie theaters and audiences are buying tickets. This first year of Stand is designed to be flexible and the films that are screened and the audience discussions will help to define its future.

Stand is sponsored and will be taking place on Fairleigh Dickinson University's Madison campus. Student filmmakers will have the opportunity to screen professional films that use this medium effectively. Professional filmmakers will have the opportunity to influence student work and be screened for the Morris community. There will also be discussions following the screenings to learn how the films are effective, and about the issues dealt with by the film or video.

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