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"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."Edmund Burke

Help keep commercial-free radio on the air

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Use the email address wfdu891@yahoo.com to make PayPal payments, Thank you!
Each song selected is $5. Support our troops by including an active service persons email address and WFDU will send the song selected to them for $3 more.





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Ain't We There Yet.mp3 - Larry Stevens
One For Love.mp3 - Larry Stevens
Todd Wolfe, If This Is Love.mp3 - EB Fisher Bands
In The Gravel Yard.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic Southern Flavor.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic
Bucks Run.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic Earls Breakdown.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic
Earls Breakdown.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic Good News.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic
Panhandle Rag.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic The Old 109.mp3 - EK & Heavy Traffic
04 That's What Good Girls Do.mp3 - Evan Toth 10 Driving Down The Parkway.mp3 - Evan Toth
Come On Out Of ThatFoldinBe.mp3 - Lise Avery Band Fiddlin' Joe.mp3 - Lise Avery Band
Frisko Bay.mp3 - Lise Avery Band Aint No Crime.mp3 - Nikki Bands
Blue Seven.mp3 - Nikki Bands Devils Haircut.mp3 - Nikki Bands
Something I Heard.mp3 - Nikki Bands Still Itchin'.mp3 - Nikki Bands
Train To My Heart.mp3 - Nikki Bands Precious Lord.mp3 - Tony Smith Band

Rollin and Tumblin.mp3 - WFDU ALL STARS

Swing Brother Swing.mp3 - WFDU ALL STARS
Trouble Trouble.mp3 - WFDU ALL STARS Wild About That Thang.mp3 - WFDU ALL STARS


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We will email you the songs individually. You will recieve the songs in 3 business days.

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