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Major musical entertainment styles:

  • Music America: WFDU(FM)'s blend of traditional American music forms. On the air since 1980, MusicAmerica embraces traditional and new Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Country Standards, Singer Songwriter and Cajun and Zydeco performances. The format is offered throughout the week with the greatest concentration found during the weekdays. Music Director Lynn Crystal can be contacted via email at carnivalofsong@yahoo.com.

  • Alternative Gospel: R&P (that's rhythm and praise, for the newcomer!) and Holy Hip-Hop.

  • Traditional Gospel: WFDU(FM)'s slice of heaven is under the direction of Stacy Wendell, who hosts Gospel Revelations every Monday. Linda B is in the Gospel Grooves on Tuesdays. The Jazz mix comes to us courtesy of our own musical virtuoso, Tony Smith on Wednesdays.

  • Across The Tracks: The station's weekday afternoon dose of the Blues, which was on the air well before the New York "urban" stations recognized the need for a source of solid R&B. The format blends both classic soul with new artists who perform in the traditional style. Contact music director Keith Mulhare at kam210@hotmail.com .

  • The New Music: The New Music Legacy: The station's longest running musical format and the definitive source for followers of the new music scene, then & now. Offered on the weekends, the New Music Legacy has been keenly tuned and retuned to the musical trends of the last three decades. At 6pm, Your Old Pal Jim opens Saturday night with his "Defective Jukebox" loaded with indie rock, old punk, surf music, psychobilly and weird synth. WFDU Production Director & New Music Legacy Music Director, Ghosty takes you on a 4 hour journey from 9p-1a each Saturday highlighting Alt. Pop/Rock favorites that put WFDU on the map in New Music. Big Al takes you through Sunday overnight filling the airwaves with a lot of unusual stuff presented in easily digested chunks! Tune in...you might like it!. Music director Ghosty can be contacted via email at ghostysshow@yahoo.com.

  • QUE VIVA LA MUSICA: Traditional Salsa and Latin Jazz heard no where else on N.Y. Radio. Vicki Sola has been hosting this incredibly popular program for over two decades."Move your feet to the Latin beat!"