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Traditional Gospel

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Gospel Revelations
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Gospel Revelations with Stacy Wendell

Mondays, 12:00AM to 6:00AM Eastern Time

Alternate Sundays, 7:00AM to 8:00AM Eastern Time


WFDU.FM Gospel Programming presents: Our Music Director Stacy Wendell. Stacy has been with WFDU for almost ten years now. It all begin with Classic Country, but God had another plan. Stacy heeded the call and asked WFDU management to consider Gospel in their programming. On June 1st, 1999, "Gospel Revelations" was born and WFDU-FM would never be the same again. Stacy has worked in the entertainment field since the age of 15 and by the grace of God her wisdom often out weighs her years. Born and raised in NJ she is sensitive to the needs of the NY/NJ metro area listeners and respects them a great deal. A graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Stacy is well versed in many areas of broadcasting, but radio remains her first joy and she is an active member of the Gospel Announcer's Guild. Bringing you the very best variety of Traditional Gospel Music heard anywhere while spreading the Good News. Every Monday morning from 12:00 midnight till 6am for Gospel Revelations with Stacy. Until we meet again, Be Blessed and Continue to be a Blessing.

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