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Richy Harps

Across The Tracks

Keith Mulhare
Richy Harps
Jimy Bleu
Dennis Gruenling
Nikki Armstrong


Richy Harps

Mondays, 1:00PM to 3:45PM Eastern Time

Richy Harps has held down the Monday Across the Tracks slot at WFDU-FM for 8 years now. There is nothing that can compare to the special blend of 60’s and 70’s Blues/Rock that is played by the man who has lived through it all……….and survived! Throw in the ATT mix of today’s tasty Blues cuts, and you’ve got the right mix for a Monday afternoon. Since he plays the harmonica, look to hear only the best harp music from the Harp man himself…….Richy Harps on WFDU-FM 89.1