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My name is Alexandra Dobric, I was born in Wayne, New Jersey. I've lived here in New Jersey all my life,different towns of course,with my family
  • Parents: Michael and Dragana
  • Brother: Peter
  • Sister: Danielle
  • Grandparent

Thats a lot of us rite! and I am ready for a move,time to try life a little more independent way. It is soon on it's way , in January I will be moving to Boca Raton, Florida, where i will be starting a new life with my fiancee Nicholas.
This is us in Disney!

~where I go To school~

I am Curently attending Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) and have been since I have Started college Since I am moving that means I will have to change schools as well, and I will be attending Florida Atlantic University (FAU), you can check both the schools out here

Florida Atlantic University
You can also see what kind of other kids i go to school with, my friend tina. Tinas page

And this is what my school week looks like

My schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wendsday Thursday Friday
12:50-2:05, Math 12:50-2:05, MIS 12:50-2:05, Math 12:50-2:05, MIS OFF
2:15-3:30, Macro
5:30-8:00, Marketing

~things I like~

I like lotz of things but I would be lieing if I said "i like school", because i really don't. I'm definately a girlie gril!

Here are some things I like to do:

  1. Shop
  2. Do Hair(I work in a hair salon)
  3. Do Makeup (MACS my favorite)

All these things you would expect the avergae college girl to have already grown out of, but not me these are the things that I still enjoy doing! I also enjoy traveling , i do alot of it considering my fiance lives in Florida, and i have to say I am really fortunate I've seen a lot of different places , all thanks to my parents.

Read more about me to see when you might need my RESUME, Page 3

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