mOre aBOut mE...

mY fAvoriTes

Everyone has favorites, some of mine are: My favorite color is orange, as you can tell. my favorite food is sushi. My favorite show is "Nip Tuck", it's the best! My favorite type of jeans is "seven for all mankind", my fiance doesnt understand the logic behind spending so much on jeans but its something i can't explain.My favorite website when I have nothing to do and want to play Games is
If I have a dog, because their my favorite it would be a teacup yorkie , I'm trying to get one for Christmas!
Look, how could they say no?
...these are the only a few of my favorites that I can think of for now, but theres more.

~mainly now~!

Now I've told you all the litle things about me but i haven't told you about whats been going on in my everyday life lately, I've been real busy with school and trying to plan the wedding, it is in August of next year and before I know it, it will be here. Time has been flying, and I am trying to balance everything and not leave anything out! It's been real crazy and I've been getting on everyones nerves making sure that everone likes what I've picked so far.I might as well ask you too, what do you think about the bridesmaides dresses?click here to see!

I will let you know what i got for Christmas and keep you posted with more wedding plans!


P.S. If you need help with any of your possiable wedding plans , you can hire me :) Check out my resume! You can view it on the main page... hehe!

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