To become an Electrical engineer. The experience includes software codings, Hardware and networking.
Specialized in routers and computers includes ip telephone and customer support


  • Masters in Electrical engineering
    Fairleigh Dickinson university.
  • Bachelors of engineering in Electronics and Communication
    Anna University, India.
  • Project
    Public Info System

    This project was based on Embedded systems. It was designed to ease commutation for the
    for using the public transportation. This system provides the commuters with real time information of the bus shcedules at each bus stop. It updates the arrival and the departure based on the traffic intensity, start time of the bus and with all other factors which delays the bus to reach the destination on time. It has a transmitter connected to the bus and a receivers at the bus stops with a display unit. Encoders and decoders are used as all these buses are differentited using indvidual code. All these codes operate at same frequency using CDMA technology.

    Technical support engineer

    Slash support is a part of cybernet software systems Inc(CSS).It is dedicated to providing technology companies with the support services. advance technology support for enterprise class technology users, Remote system mangement servicefor IT infrastructure enterprise. Uses multiple channels of support delivery such as voice, email, chat, remote login. Handle over 600+ products/devices.

  • Responsibilities included technical support
  • Responsible for installation of routers and phone adapters
  • Brought new techniques to resolve audio issues in telephone.
  • Achieved sales targets on the technical support call
  • Assigned as group leader in the team
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