Welcome to my homepage!


About this homepage:

Welcome to my homepage, and first attempt at using HTML. Here you will find out information about me, and a bit of information regarding the activities I take part in. Click on the link to get a little bit more indepth information on the topics mentioned on this page.

I am currently a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and intend on graduating next spring with a BS in biology. Upon graduating I intend to go onto pharmacy school.










Why Pharmacy?

I have chosen the field of pharmacy as my primary line of work as a result of having worked at Walgreen's as a pharmacy tech. Without a doubt that life changing experience has taught me much about people, as well as the power of pharmaceuticals. This career integrates people skill, with a medical art, but most improtantly it involves dealing with an array of individuals from all walks of life.


Next to hoping to graduate on time, and getting into pharmacy school there other things that I'm interested in...

One of my biggest passions is playing soccer. Next to that would have to be watching soccer, specifically international soccer, as will be the case in the upcomming Fifa 2010 World Cup this upcomming Summer.




Another one of my interests is none other than the sport of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

Currently I am taking part in a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu team known as Equipe Jucao USA, headed by Prof. Jucao. This sport is one of endurance, and mostly physics, using your opponents momentum and positioning to your advantage. I am hoping to compete this Summer in an IBJJF international competition in Brazil.







In addition to the two sports mentioned above, I also take part in boxing. Granted there is no competetive motivation behind boxing, it is a great endurance builder, finese, and agility builder.







Sports are rather lackluster without some driving force behind them, and what better motivator than music. I play the guitar and saxophone, and tend to listen mostly to; rap, punk, hip-hop, ska, and reggae.