I love Nigeria
It is much better than South Korea

here is a picture of the Nigerian flag:

My name is Adesina Odedina. I am an Economics major at Fairleigh Dickinson University.I enjoy playing soccer, reading and dancing. I hope you like my page, make sure you visit all my links and see my friend's pages.The Super Eagles of Nigeria are the best team in the world, make sure you visit their link on my page. I also think that Professor Kim is awesome

Countries I have visited:

  • South Korea

  • Bermuda

  • Japan

  • North Korea

My favourite soccer players:

  1. Park Ji Sung
  2. Kim Eunhee (women's soccer star)
  3. Ahn Jung Hwan

My Favourite Classes
Courses Days
MIS Tuesdays and Thursdays
Microeconomics Thursdays

Nigerian National Soccer team website:

This text is a link to Fairleigh Dickinson University's website

Nigeria's World Cup exit

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My Resume