Hello everyone! Welcome to my first homepage. On this page, you will learn a little about the background of my life.First off everyone needs to know I am from the Bronx in New York.

My father's name is Tony Pilla. Before he became a business man, he used to play for the Twins in the Pros as a second baseman. My mother, Lisa Pilla, on the other hand was very smart and worked in a doctors office in New York.

After living in New York for 8 years, my family and I moved down to Atlanta Georiga. I grew up in a city named Lawrenceville. In this city I went to a high school named Brookwood High. I recently graduated from there in 2005 with honors.

Yankee Stadium....where I will play one day:

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My Hobbies:
  • Hockey
  • Division 1 Baseball
  • Working out

My Favorite Music Genres:
  1. Rock
  2. Rap
  3. Techno

My Class Schedule:
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Marketing Concepts Microeconomics Business and the Law Microeconomics
  MIS Core Class MIS
  Stat I