Taking ACTION at FDU!

A personal look

Here are just some facts about me three main facts:

What amAM I involed in:

  1. Girl Scouts
  2. Business Leaders of Tomorrow
  3. Metropolitian Baptisrt Church

Two rows and three columns:

Time Monday Wednesday Thursday
10:00am-11:15am Soph. Business Forum Soph Business Forum
11:25am-12:40pm Acct Principles II Acct Principles II
5:25pm-8:00pm Macroeconomics Stats II MIS II

It may be hard to believe but I have an overwhelming personality.
I can be ur best friend or ur worst nightmare. I have very little tolerance for nonsense.
I have learned to love myself and take the good wit the bad. If u wanna know more u just
gotta experience me.................

So sign up now, for any activites at FDU

To get much needed things or activities to get into go to, visit the google site ,or visit the yahoo site.

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