Brenda Blackmon


                                            Brenda Blackmon 
    ďIf it sounds too big to be believed, trust me, itís not.  It has three basic elements and itís simple.
      It may not be easy but making a difference seldom is.  Think of them as the three Tís.  
                                                TEACH ONE, TAKE ONE, THANK ONE.Ē
                                                                                              Brenda Blackmon 

Brenda Blackmon is one of the most recognizable and talented journalists in the nationís number one television market-New York. She joined the news team at WWOR-TV in 1990 and became an Emmy award winning reporter and role model for her community. She has won numerous awards for journalism and has received community citations and notable honors. Brenda has done it all: reporter, film editor, film photographer, talk show host for television and radio, show producer, writer, and TV anchorwoman for decades. Brenda says, "I believe as it is written in Isaiah 56:1, 'Be just and fair to all. Do whatís right and good.' Ē

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Brenda Blackmon Columbus, GA

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