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Updated 26 May 2004

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Welcome to Nike Missiles & Missile Sites!

This Web site presents a variety of historical and technical information relating to the Nike missile system and former Nike missile sites with a special focus on sites located within the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey. Issues relating to the preservation, restoration and interpretation of former installations and Nike system components are also covered. Additional coverage of other sites may be added in the future.

Developed by the U.S. Army, Bell Telephone Laboratories and Douglas Aircraft, the Nike missile system was one of the world's first successful anti-aircraft missile systems. Becoming operational during 1953, the missiles were deployed at over two-hundred sites across the continental United States and were also widely used overseas by both U.S. and foreign armed forces.

Information regarding each former Nike missile installation located within the New York City metropolitan area and New Jersey is presented within these pages. Further information about these sites can be found in the author's articles a number of which are available online at this time.

The New Jersey Nike Missile Site Survey, a self-sponsored project of Bender Associates Historical Consultants, has gathered substantial information relating to each of the former Nike installations located within the Garden State, and within adjacent New York and Pennsylvania. Additional information, in particular your personal stories about the sites and vintage photographs, are being sought. Please contact Don Bender at cwresearch2@yahoo.com to contribute to this ongoing historical project.

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Help Wanted!

This is an ongoing historical project. Please contact Don Bender if you served at any of these sites, or if you lived near a Nike missile site. Contributions of information, memories and stories about these sites are most welcome. Do you have old photos showing sites when they were still in use? Please contact Don Bender via e-mail at cwresearch2 (at) yahoo.com. Thank you for your assistance!

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For additional information, contact the author, Don Bender, via e-mail at cwresearch2 (at) yahoo.com

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Please send your comments and suggestions regarding this Web site to Don Bender, via e-mail, at cwresearch2 (at) yahoo.com. Thank you.


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