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Updated 20 February 2002

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Camp Hero & Montauk Air Force Station
Located at Montauk, Long Island, New York, the Montauk Air Force Station was a vital link in the Air Force's Cold War era early warning radar network.

Cold War in Long Island Sound: A Brief History of the Hart Island Nike Missile Site
New York Correction History Society, July 2000.

A Concise History of the Nike Missile System

Nike Missile Specifications & Performance Data

Lumberton's Cold War Legacy:
Nike Missile Battery PH-23/25

Burlington County Historical Society, 1999

Air Defense on the Delaware:
The Pedricktown Missile Master Site, 1960-1966

Salem County Historical Society, 1999

Relics of the Cold War
Air Defense Artillery Magazine, 1999

Cold War at Campgaw Mountain: Nike Site NY-93/94
Bergen County Historical Society, 1999

Air Defenders of Morris County:
Nike Site NY-80, 1954-1974

Morris County Historical Commission, 1997

Nike Site BR-09 West Haven, CT
Trip Report (1999)

The Cold War in New England
WCVB-TV Documentary Film (1999)

Nike History Online

Three Minutes To Armageddon (by Gary Stephens)
Air Defense Artillery Magazine


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