Nike Battery NY-20
Lloyd Harbor, NY

Located on Long Island's picturesque north shore, Nike site NY-20 was a typical three-magazine Nike installation. The base was first activated during January 1957 and was manned by the Regular Army until 1960, when the New York Army National Guard took over. Site NY-20 was never upgraded to fire Nike Hercules missiles and air defense operations had ceased by 1963. Subsequent to its closure, both the control and launcher areas came into private ownership and were completely demolished.

Launcher Area:
Lloyd Harbor, NY
Control Area:
Lloyd Harbor, NY

Dates of Operation

Weapons Systems
& Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 30
Nike Hercules / 0

Missile Magazines
3 Magazines.
1 type "B" and 2 type "C".

Radar Types

Unit Information
Army -
A/66th (1957-1958)
A/1/55th (1958-1960)

National Guard -
HHB/1/245th (1959-1963)
A/1/245th (1960-1963)

Present Status
Obliterated. The former Nike Ajax base was sold at auction during the late 1960s and subsequently demolished. The only vestiges of this missile site are portions of the metal perimeter fence.

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