Nike Battery NY-49
Fort Tilden, NY

Constructed during 1954-1955, Nike battery NY-49 was located at historic Fort Tilden, a former Coast Artillery site which had earlier guarded the eastern approaches to New York harbor. The four magazine configuration of this double Nike battery was similar to that of its "sister" site located on the other side of the New York Bight at Fort Hancock, New Jersey. During 1958, this site became the second in the nation to deploy the more advanced, second-generation Nike Hercules missile system.

Launcher Area:
Fort Tilden,
Rockaway (Queens), NY
Control Area:
Fort Tilden,
Rockaway (Queens), NY

Dates of Operation

Weapons Systems
& Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 40
Nike Hercules / 24

Missile Magazines
4 Magazines (double site).
4 type "B".

Radar Types
Secondary Master Fire Unit

Unit Information
Army -
HHB/505th (1955-1958)
B/505th (1955-1958)
HHB/3/51st (1958-1964)
B/3/51st (1958-1972)
B/1/51st (1972-1973)
D/3/43rd (1973-1974)

Present Status
Portions of this Cold War missile site remain intact today. Although the Control Area was mostly demolished the Launcher Area remains largely intact. The entire Fort Tilden area, including the former Nike installation, is now located within the Gateway National Recreation Area of the United States National Park Service.

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