Nike Battery NY-54
Holmdel, NJ

Nike Battery NY-54 was constructed in Holmdel and Hazlet New Jersey, only a short distance from where Bell Telephone Laboratories would later construct its impressive Saarinen-designed lab and research center. This two magazine site later received special blast and fallout resistant structures designed to protect both equipment and personnel in the event of a nuclear attack. Site NY-54 was one of the very first "victims" of the downsizing of the Nike program which began during 1968 and it was closed during that same year.

Launcher Area:
(Monmouth County), NJ
Control Area:
(Monmouth County), NJ

Dates of Operation

Weapons Systems
& Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 20
Nike Hercules / 12

Missile Magazines
2 Magazines.
2 type "B".

Radar Types

Unit Information
Army -
D/526th (1955-1958)
D/4/71st (1958-1964)
D/3/51st (1964-1968)

Present Status
The only traces of the former Launcher Area are a few sections of barbed wire-topped fences located within Holmdel Park. The control area off of Telegraph Hill Road, was similarly demolished. Adjacent to the control area, the family housing area is intact, although apparently abandoned at this time. Four impressive and very large dish-style antennas are now located next to the control area and homes. They are believed to be part of a communications network.

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