Nike Battery NY-65
South Plainfield, NJ

Nike Battery NY-65 was constructed adjacent to Hadley Airport (originally, Hadley Field), site of the nation's first air mail service. This two magazine Nike missile battery was first manned by Regular Army units and later by the New Jersey Army National Guard. Nike Hercules missiles first arrived at this base during 1961 and the site remained an active air defense installation for another ten years.

Both the Nike missile site and historic Hadley Field were subsequently obliterated. Their remains now lie beneath portions of Route 287, an office complex and a shopping center.

Launcher Area:
South Plainfield,
(Middlesex County), NJ
Control Area:
South Plainfield,
(Middlesex County), NJ

Dates of Operation

Weapons Systems
& Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 20
Nike Hercules / 12

Missile Magazines
2 Magazines.
2 type "B".

Radar Types

Unit Information
Army -
B/483rd (1955-1958)
B/2/65th (1958-1960)
B/4/71st (1960-1963)

National Guard -
C/7/12th (1963-1971)

Present Status
Both the Nike launcher area on Stelton Road and the control area on Durham Avenue were totally obliterated. Historic Hadley Field met a similar fate. The area once occupied by Hadley Field and the Nike facilities is now covered by a nearly contiguous mass of nondescript office buildings, a shopping center, a network of busy streets and a major highway.

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