Nike Battery NY-79/80
Livingston/East Hanover, NJ

Nike Battery NY-79/80 was constructed near the borders of Morris and Essex Counties during 1954-1955. The control area was located atop Riker Hill in Livingston in order to obtain good radar coverage of the region. The launcher area was constructed about two miles away, on a portion of the former Matarazzo farm in East Hanover.

This relatively rare "double" Nike site was operational with both Ajax and Hercules missiles. The site later became a "single" site, sometime after the Hercules missiles were installed and the Ajax missiles were removed. Regular Army units left during 1963, when the New Jersey Army National Guard took control of the base. It remained operational until the inactivation of the nationwide Nike air defense system in 1974.

Launcher Area:
East Hanover
(Morris County), NJ
Control Area:
Riker Hill, Livingston
(Essex County), NJ

Dates of Operation

Weapons Systems
& Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 60
Nike Hercules / 18
(3 magazines converted)

Missile Magazines
6 Magazines (double site).
2 type "B" and 4 type "C".

Radar Types

Unit Information
Army -
C/483rd (1955-1958)
C/2/65th (1958-1960)
C/5/7th (1960-1963)

National Guard -
HHB 7/112th (1963-1971)
B/7/112th (1963-1971)
HHB 1/254th (1971-1974)
B/1/254th (1971-1974)

Present Status
Although the East Hanover Launcher Area was mostly demolished, the Control Area atop Riker Hill in nearby Livingston remains partially intact. Here, a number of the Army's original barracks and other buildings have been adapted to serve as studios for local artists. The former Family Housing Area adjacent to the demolished East Hanover Launcher Area remained mostly intact through the spring of 2004 when its 32 abandoned homes and the last of its two original barracks were demolished to make room for a housing development.

Read the article, Air Defenders of Morris County by Donald E. Bender (1997).

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