Nike Site NY-80R
Morristown, NJ

This mountain top site near the border of Morris and Randolph Townships was leased by the Army, briefly, beginning in 1958. The site may have functioned as the location of a radar site providing enhanced coverage of the approaches to the New York metro area in a westerly direction.

It is uncertain if this was the site of the early warning radar site known as site NY-80R. It may first been located here. Or, it may have simply been co-located at the IFC Area of Nike missile battery NY-79/80 atop Riker Hill in Livingston Township some miles to the east.

Radar Site:
Randolph Township (Morris County), NJ

Dates of Operation
1958-1960. Further data sought.

Radar Systems:
& Equipment

Uncertain. Possibly an AN/FPS-36 Surveillance Radar

Unit Information
Army -
Radar Section, 2/65th (1958-1960)

Present Status
Further information regarding existing buildings and structures at this site is still being sought.

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