Nike Battery NY-99
Spring Valley/Ramapo, NY

The northernmost Nike installation within the former New York Defense Area, Nike Battery NY-99 became operational during 1956. The site was constructed with three of the larger "B" type missile magazines, suggesting that the Army had probably considered deploying the more advanced, second generation Nike Hercules missiles at this site.

In spite of its configuration, the site remained armed only with the original Nike Ajax missile system. Operation of the base was transferred to the New York Army National Guard during 1960. Site NY-99 was inactivated during 1963.

Launcher Area:
Spring Valley,
(Rockland County), NY
Control Area:
Spring Valley,
(Rockland County), NY

Dates of Operation

Weapons Systems
& Missile Load

Nike Ajax / 30
Nike Hercules / 0

Missile Magazines
3 Magazines.
3 type "B".

Radar Types

Unit Information
Army -
C/737th (1957-1958)
C/5/7th (1958-1960)

National Guard -
A/1/112th (1960-1963)

Present Status
This site remains partially intact at this time. Both the launcher and nearby control areas were acquired by the East Ramapo School District.

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