The Nike History Project

The Nike History Project is an historical project to document former Nike missile installations worldwide. Internationally focused, the project and its founder Donald E. Bender have assisted governments, historical organizations and communities with efforts to preserve these former Cold War era missile sites, to erect historical markers, create exhibits, develop interpretive programs and publish articles in relevant media.

A few of the projects we have participated in are listed below:

National Park Service
Miami, Florida

Aided the National Park Service by providing historical information and information about relevant archival resources for a project to document and preserve a rare above-ground Nike Hercules missile installation located within the Everglades National Park.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Baltimore, USA

Provided an historical overview of the Nike missile system which is being used by the Public Affairs Office in public meetings relating to the disposal of former Nike missile sites within the former Washington DC-Baltimore Defense Area.

Boston, USA

When the producer of an historical documentary about the Cold War in New England needed information about former Nike sites within this region, founder Donald E. Bender provided the information needed to make this program an outstanding one.

Danish Foreign Policy Institute
Copenhagen, Denmark

Greenland's important Cold War role continues to be documented by the Danish Foreign Policy Institute. The Nike History Project assisted Danish researchers with historical information relating to various aspects of the Nike system.

Quonset Air Museum
Quonset Point, Rhode Island, USA

Provided historical information used to create a brochure and an historical exhibit.

City of Duncanville
Texas, USA

Assisted with historical information relating to the former Army Air Defense Command Post located within this city for ceremonies dedicating a historical marker on the site.

Union County Department of Recreation & Parks
New Jersey, USA

Created an historical overview of former Nike missile battery NY-73 which was located within the woods of the Watchung Reservation, a county park, from 1958 through 1963.

Thule Defense Area
Thule, Greenland

This new project will provide online information and images relating to the history of the former Thule Defense Area Nike missile batteries, the northernmost Nike installations in the world which also contained many unique design features.

National Park Service
San Francisco, California

Nike battery SF-88L is the nation's only officially restored Nike missile battery and is visited by thousands each year. The National Park Service asked founder Don Bender to review and comment on its plans for the ongoing restoration and historical interpretation of this historic site.

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